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Gavin Hirst - Thursday 26th January 2017

Which Digital Marketing Elements will we be focussing on in 2017?

Digital Marketing trends for 2017

The dust is finally starting to settle after a pretty hectic Christmas period for the Digital Hothouse team. Usually Christmas and New Year bring a time to relax and unwind a little as clients take some well-deserved time off, usually allowing us to catch our breath and get round to doing all the things we have been putting off over the past few months. This year however has been a bit different. New client meetings, big projects and exciting developments have kept us super busy so we are just getting round to writing up our usual post where we make our best guesses for the things everyone needs to focus on in the coming year when it comes to digital marketing.

As you know, here at Digital Hothouse we work across the full range of digital marketing activity…

Gavin Hirst - Wednesday 30th November 2016

Social Media Trends for 2017



All the major messaging app logos

Whilst we focus a lot on our core business of SEO here at Digital Hothouse, we never look at one thing in isolation. Between us, we have over 25 years’ experience in the sector covering all aspects of digital marketing which helps us to provide a more holistic approach for our clients. One area that we have seen a huge growth in over the past couple of years is companies, specifically in New Zealand, investing more time and money into managing their social media platforms effectively, and with good reason. Smart Insights reported in January of this year that of the world’s population of 7.395 billion, there are now 2.307 billion active social media users, a growth of 10% from 2015. In the Asia-Pacific region where New Zealand sits, the growth rate was up 14%…

Gavin Hirst - Wednesday 16th November 2016

Influencer marketing – time to join the party?

Every year we seem to go through a cycle of the next big thing in Digital Marketing and judging by the articles landing in my inbox of late, influencer marketing is THE big thing to focus on right now. Influencer marketing is not a particularly new concept. Driven by social media, brands have had to shift tack in order to appear in people’s feeds with the introduction of Facebook and Instagram’s algorithm which controls the content that is delivered into your feed. In order to combat this, people have turned to highly influential individuals on social media in order to reach out to their target audience with a different kind of message.

Influencer marketing is growing

A simple search on Google Trends shows us how much influencer marketing is growing worldwide. Those who jumped on board early have been reaping the benefits since early 2015 but I think we can expect…

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