Generating new blog content ideas

Gavin Hirst - Friday 28th May 2021

5 tips to come up with new blog content ideas

We’ve all been there. Your boss has asked you to present some great new ideas for new blog content and you have hit a brick wall. You feel like you have literally written all there is to write about everything.

Your content calendar has some gaping holes that need to be filled and you need ideas quickly.

But where do you look for inspiration?

Thankfully, help is on hand. Because we’ve been there, we also know how to come up with inspiring new ideas that will both impress your boss, but more importantly, entertain, educated and inform your readers. Now we’re talking.

Generating unique blog content ideas

One of the biggest struggles for content writers is to write about something new and unique. There are times when you have to accept that this is simply not possible.

With over 7.5 million blog posts published every day, finding something that is completely unique is getting harder by the day. Sometimes you have to accept that the only way you can create a unique blog post, is to put your own unique spin on a topic that is already popular and resonating with your audience.

At the end of the day, what makes you stand out from the rest is your relationship with your audience and the way you talk to them. Whilst the content idea may not be unique, the way you present it can be and this can make all the difference when it comes to engagement and driving eyeballs to read your blogs.

There are, of course, still opportunities to create something that is completely unique. This can be something specific to your business that no other business would be interested in writing about, or it may be that you want to write about something that your audience may not be searching for, but that you know they will love and be interested in.

Keyword research

For most content writers, keyword research still sits at the heart of your content planning. It’s important to identify and understand the keywords that your audience are searching for and ensure you are creating content that satisfies their search demand.

This, however, is unlikely to help you to create unique content. If you are doing the keyword research, you can pretty much guarantee that other people are doing it too.

If you are looking to create truly unique blog content, you are going to need to think outside the box a little bit when it comes to generating ideas.

This doesn’t mean, however, that keyword research should be abandoned. It’s still a great starting point and it can help to generate ideas that can help you to create a different angle on a more traditional topic so keep on researching and then we can look to deploy some of the following tactics to expand on that research.

5 tips to come up with new blog content ideas

So, you have done your keyword research but nothing is really jumping out at you. You have a few ideas for blog post titles, but they are not really inspiring and you’re worried that they are not going to hit the mark with your audience.

It’s definitely time to think a little bit differently.

1.      Hold a brainstorm

Brainstorming blog content ideas

We’re all guilty of trying to do everything on our own. We have been set a task of devising a content plan and it feels like we are failing if we go to others for help. It’s not.

Whilst we perhaps don’t do it often enough, getting the team sat around a table and brainstorming blog content ideas for clients is by far the fastest way to fill up a content calendar with new blog ideas.

Typically, we will start with an absolute blank canvas. Everyone knows our clients and what they do, so everyone already has a good idea about the topics that are most relevant to them, so we just sit down and start to throw ideas out there – no idea is a bad idea.

We may look to throw in some keyword research results later in the conversation to generate some new angles that we have not yet covered, however, this is all about creating new blog content ideas and this is by far the best way for us to do it.

2.      Review your social and blog comments

It’s amazing how many times we draw inspiration for a new post from a comment on an existing post or from one of our many social media platforms.

This is especially true when we share blog content onto clients’ social media platforms. People often respond with comments like, ‘I love this post but what about X’, or ‘Great post would love to find out more about Y’.

These comments are super-helpful and we now have a much better feedback loop in place to capture these comments and actually do something about them. In the past, we might just give ourselves a pat on the back for the great engagement, but now, we use these comments on social or direct on the blogs to feed into our content planning.

Alternatively, you can also use social media to source new content ideas based on the things your target audience is talking about. You know your customers better than anyone so go and find out what they are saying about your business and your competitors.

Hashtags are a great way to monitor topics that are relevant to your business so make sure you are following the most relevant ones and pulling out any great content ideas.

3.      Talk to other people in your business

Talk to other people in your business

Depending on the size of your business, or your clients’ business, this might not be relevant, however for medium and larger businesses, with multiple departments and teams, it definitely pays to go and talk to areas outside of the marketing team.

Salespeople are some of the best when it comes to generating unique content ideas as they are the ones that are talking directly to your audience, day in, day out. They often come up with some real nuggets and with some clients, we have now got to the point where we don’t even need to seek out the sales team – they come to us! That’s because the content we are creating is helping them to sell the brand so anything we can push out that is highly relevant to them is helping everyone.

Even administrative teams like HR can be super helpful. They also know the business inside out and have often sat on interview panels where a surprising amount of good ideas are generated by candidates that never go on to work for the business.

Make sure you hold regular meetings with departments across the business and showcase their importance – make them feel special.

4.      Be better than your competitors

We know we don’t have all the best ideas – just most of them!

Joking aside, your competitors are a great source of inspiration when it comes to researching new blog ideas. That doesn’t mean copying their ideas. It means observing the things they are talking about in their blog and on social, analysing the comments, and then building out on the most popular topics with your own unique spin on things.

Oftentimes, you will find that your competitors are talking about things that you aren’t. Some of the SEO tools, like SEMrush and Ahrefs, even have content gap tools that help to identify topics your competitors are talking about that you aren’t.

It’s then up to you to create content that is either unique or covers the topic in a lot more detail. Aim for your content piece to be 10X better than theirs.

5.      Use third-party sites like Quora and Reddit

Use Quora and Reddit for blog ideas

How many times have you done a search for something, particularly a question, and a site like Quora or Reddit has come up as the number one search result? Happens a lot right?

That’s because these sites are all user-generated – users ask questions and users answer those questions. No brands (theoretically), just users.

Just as reviews are super important to your business, peer to peer questions and answers are also important. Identify the topics that these users are talking about and asking questions about and use them to drive your own content plan, helping to generate new blog content ideas that you know will resonate with your audience.

Some of these questions may require further research, however, you already know they are popular, especially those with lots of answers, so maximise the opportunity and look to provide some really in-depth answers to those questions through your own blog.


Coming up with completely new and unique blog content ideas is not easy, however, if you invest some time and look in the right places, you will find lots of inspiration out there. Whether it’s completely unique, or simply a new take on a traditional topic, take your content calendar to a new level with regular brainstorming and competitor research.

Lacking ideas or need someone to brainstorm with? Talk to the team today.

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