Gavin Hirst - Thursday 28th February 2013

Analysing your SEO activity

As you would expect, we talk a lot about the importance of search engine optimisation (SEO) on our website and in this blog. Good SEO can take your business to the next level and provide you with a sustainable competitive advantage in ever increasingly crowded markets.

We have talked about the importance of keywords and how good keyword research and implementation should underpin any SEO activity. We have also looked at the importance of content marketing and the need to provide your customers with relevant content that they a) want to engage with and b) are likely to share.

Google Analytics

Digital Hothouse can help with all of these things, however where we excel is telling you how these changes really affect your business and we do this using Google Analytics. Whilst it may be possible to carry out changes like implementing relevant keywords and improving the content on your website, unless you know how well your site is currently performing, it is difficult to monitor, evaluate and assess the impact of the changes you are making.

Goals and objectives

Google Analytics allows you to set up goals and objectives for your site which can be tied in to any SEO activity you are currently working on. This is critical to evaluating the success and value of any SEO work that you are doing on your site as without it, you are simply making a series of random changes will no idea of the outcome.

We can work with you to help you decide what it is you want visitors to do when they visit your site. What do you consider to be your key pages? Is there important information buried within your site that people are simply not finding? And what is the end goal of a visit to the site? Is it a sales conversion? Or maybe your site is more about raising brand awareness, in which case, you can still put in place other measurable goals such as visits to key pages.


Google Analytics ties in really nicely with your keyword activity. We can work with you to track the value of key search terms through Google, Google Adwords and Facebook. This will help you to refine the keywords on your site and ensure you start ranking for the most valuable words to your organisation.

A key advantage with Google Analytics, especially if you have an eCommerce website is that you can tell, which search engines (Google, most likely!), from paid or natural search, and even down to the keyword, how many sales and how much revenue came from each keyword. When doing SEO around specific keywords, surely the most important thing to know would be which keywords bring you the most money? If that keyword isn’t ranking top on Google, then let’s get it there and get more money!


You may be wondering how you are supposed to analyse all this information and streamline your SEO activity?? Well, once we have set up your website to record data through Google Analytics, we can set up automatic reports that will land in your inbox every month or even every week, showing you how your site is performing and also highlighting where tweaks may be necessary.

There numerous reports we can set up for you and each are simple and easy to understand. They allow you to look at your content and how it is performing, your audience, your keywords and the links across your site. If you are also active on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, we can also set up a report to show how successful your social media channels are at referring traffic back to your website. This will allow you to see the type of content that people engage with and the content which is not as successful, again allowing you to streamline you activity online. By doing clever things within Google Analytics, we can identify which posts people have liked, shared on Facebook and shared on Twitter!


The importance of Google Analytics cannot and should not be underestimated. If you want your SEO activity to succeed, you must be SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely) with your goals and objectives and you must monitor and evaluate the activity being carried out on your site.

Understanding Google Analytics and getting the right data out can be tricky to learn. If you need any help, contact Digital Hothouse today!

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