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Paul Thornton - Friday 30th October 2020

The Real Impact Of UX On CRO: The “What” & “Why”

Whenever we discuss website performance, we tend to see a lot of parallels between conversion rate optimisation and user experience. It does seem like CRO and UX are interchangeable as they both seek to help users do things easily and use many of the same tools to achieve that goal. However, they are not one and the same as they also have many differences.

Despite these differences, CRO and UX complement each other very well. Before we find out how these two methodologies work together, let’s learn what UX and CRO are and what they are not.

The Basics Of UX and CRO

To understand how CRO and UX operate together, we need to define each term first. I’ll quickly do that below, so at least we can agree that we’re talking about the same things.


Conversion Rate Optimisation is the process of designing a site that increases the…


Yohei Guy - Sunday 2nd August 2020

How To Fill Your Content Calendar With Content Curation

Content curation has always been an important part of any social media strategy and in the current context of COVID-19, has become increasingly so. The main reason for this, is of course, due to the tightening of marketing budgets as a result of the pandemic. With limited resources for in-house or external content creation, content curation, by contrast, offers a much more cost-effective way of engaging the community through your social media channels.

The real question then becomes how do you fill your content calendar with content curation or, more importantly, how do you do it effectively and well. We thought we’d share a few ideas that have been successful for us.

Topicality is always a good starting point

There’s no shortage of content already in existence on the world wide web – a fact that few would argue with. This presents the challenge of trying to figure out where and how…

Gavin Hirst - Monday 27th July 2020

How does Google’s SERP layout affect searcher behaviour?

The ever-changing landscape of SEO means that anyone working in our sector must keep abreast of those changes and adapt our strategies to meet the ever-growing demands of the searcher.

Google is the biggest driver of change within our sector.

Over the past five years, the way search results pages (SERPs) are laid out and presented to the searcher has changed dramatically.

Remember a time before featured snippets? No, us neither.

Featured snippets were officially rolled out around 2016 (although quick answer boxes had been spotted for specific search results as early as 2013 although these were not widely rolled out) and have since become a focus of a lot of attention for SEOs.

They are of course just one of hundreds of changes that the search giant has made to the way the SERPs are laid out over the past 5 years and those changes can have a huge impact on your rankings…