Paul Thornton - Monday 23rd January 2012

Get SEO right in 2012

Like most of you, we’ve spent some time in the last month or two reviewing 2011 and putting together ideas/plans/dreams for 2012. One of the things we really try to focus on most of all of course, is what our customers (and potential customers) are saying to us: what problems they need solving and what comes up as part of this.

With SEO, our conversations seem to have been divided into 2 clear camps: those who’ve tried SEO with one of the many firms in NZ who profess to deliver SEO but leave your business no better off than when you started; and those who’ve know they want to “be on Google”. So I thought it would be useful to clear up one thing quickly: yes, SEO does work, and yes, it makes a real difference to your business.

If you’re in the first group, let us show you, really quickly, what SEO actually looks like, in 2 easy pictures…And if you’re in the second group, let us show you what SEO (with Digital Hothouse!) can do for your business.

The first graph shows exactly how much improvement our client had for their most important keyword ranking since we started work. (We provide details for all keywords of course). Obviously this is great news for them, but particularly so when you consider that they’re a small local company competing online with the likes of GJ Gardner, Jennian Homes etc. In fact if you look on Google NZ today you’ll see that they’re #1. And please do check them out at!

Chart showing the steep climb in web ranking for the search term 'house building companies' in NZ for Box Living


So this is great and the result is repeated across all their keywords. But whilst showing up higher in the search results is the aim of SEO, it doesn’t mean anything unless you’re doing more business online. So what we track for our clients, regardless of how big or small they are, or what they do, is how many sales &/or enquiries they get directly from Natural (Google) search. That way they can see exactly how good an effect Digital Hothouse is having on their bottom line. To make it fairer, we only count enquiries from the specific search phrases we’re working on, nothing else. And this graph shows exactly that:

Graph showing sharp rise in website visits and enquiries from natural search for Box Living

The 2 things to take note of here are, that directly from our work:

Our client now gets SEVEN TIMES as many sales enquiries through the website

And for good measure they get TEN TIMES as many visitors.

We promise that with Digital Hothouse, there’s no confusion with SEO. It doesn’t have to be shrouded in mystery and impossible to understand. It’s easy: we show you clearly how the work we do is growing your business. If that sounds like the kind of thing your business needs in 2012, why not have a chat with us?

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