Gavin Hirst - Monday 7th August 2017

Taking your customer experience digital

For years, shops have been the places where sales are made. Deals are done. Bargains are found. And perhaps most importantly, customer service is provided. Sure, people have been online shopping now for well over a decade but for most, the customer service experience all came from going to a physical store and speaking with an actual person. Whilst for many businesses, this high level of customer service is still crucial, we are seeing a need for businesses to evolve and offer a seamless experience whether you are in-store, on your mobile or searching on a more traditional desktop.

Mobile is growing

As the number of users researching products on a mobile increases year on year (now more than 50% of people are searching on a mobile device according to a Google statement and is supported by this research piece by Smart Insights) it is clear that customers who visit…


Gavin Hirst - Tuesday 30th May 2017

Keyword Research in 2017 – A simple guide

Keyword research has certainly changed over the past four or five years. When we look back over our early blog post covering keyword research, it’s clear to see how far we have come and how much things have changed. Whilst the titles or our posts are still very relevant – ‘Keyword research – critical to any SEO strategy’ and ‘Keyword Research is changing – are you?’ – the methods covered in these two blogs are now very much out of date.

So exactly how should you be doing keyword research in 2017?

Learning from Ahrefs

We read a lot of articles about keyword research. It’s an essential part of our work here at Digital Hothouse from SEO to Content Marketing to AdWords. One of the posts that resonated the most with us of late was a great piece by Ahrefs (one of our favourite tools!) which took a deep…

Gavin Hirst - Monday 15th May 2017

Optimising you app for Search and the App Stores

If apps are not on your radar as an SEO then you could be missing out on some big opportunities. Even if you or your clients don’t have an app, with more and more apps surfacing in Google’s search results, app indexing is impacting on all areas of SEO activity on mobile and you need to join the party.

Whilst app packs are not as common in the SERPS in New Zealand as the US for example, we are starting to see more and more of these app packs appearing in the search results. Apps have been appearing in the search results on mobile and desktop for some time now. Until recently, they had always appeared as a standard blue link but the introduction of app packs has changed this. Their inclusion has dramatically improved app discovery – now 27% of people find apps through web search compared with…

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