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Yohei Guy - Friday 22nd November 2019

What makes a successful blog post

Content marketing is an important strategy for many individuals, organisations and businesses around the world, looking to entice and introduce new audiences to their websites and brands. Blog posts are the cornerstone of content marketing and while writing a content piece is fairly easy, creating a successful one that achieves meaningful objectives is much more challenging.

We thought we’d explore some of the fundamental elements we think makes for a successful blog post.

A topic of interest

When it comes to creating a really successful blog post, the first and most important factor is the topic and its title. Topics and titles, draw people in. They are a reader’s first impression and just like human interactions, first impressions matter.

With content marketing, you’ll likely find yourself in one of two situations when it comes to topics. The first is you’ll be given a topic by your boss/client and the second is you’ll be…


Gavin Hirst - Monday 11th November 2019

The power of links – is link building still an important SEO activity?

Link building has always been a fairly contentious issue within the SEO world. From the days of dubious backlinking and link farms right through to today, where the impact of link building still seems to divide opinion.

The big question we want to try and answer is: how valuable is link building today and should you still be doing it?

To answer this, we’re going to call on some of the great work that has been carried out across our sector over the last 12 months as well as presenting our own thoughts.

Two of the leading lights when it comes to researching ranking factors are Moz and SparkToro. The research carried out by both of these guys really helps us to understand more about the ranking factors that SEOs consider to be the most important.

How important are links to SEOs?

The first place to start with this is to…


Gavin Hirst - Sunday 3rd November 2019

Our 5 Favourite SEO Tools and what we use them for

First up, a little caveat to this post. We use way more than 5 SEO tools on a day to day basis. There are also some really comprehensive lists out there that will tell you about ALL of the SEO tools out there and do a really good job of reviewing them all – this is not that kind of post.

You can find a really helpful list of resources at the end of this post but we mainly want to focus on the 5 SEO tools that we find to be the MOST useful. Our go-to list.

So, let’s get into it and take a look at our 5 favourite SEO tools.

1.      SEMrush

SEMrush Screenshot

This has quickly become our favourite tool and for good reason. We moved to the paid version a couple of years ago and we have never looked back. The…