Gavin Hirst - Wednesday 16th December 2020

3 types of content that get more shares, likes, links, and comments

We all put a lot of time into creating content. Planning, researching, writing, reviewing, editing, and publishing. All of this takes time and effort. That’s why it can be so frustrating when those pieces of content ‘flop’. You push them out via social. They get no likes. You track the keywords you have optimised the post for. They don’t break the top 100. You carry out link outreach. You get no responses.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

There are some types of content that tend to perform much better than others. If you focus your efforts on creating more of these types of content, you will start to see better results.

1.      List posts (but specifically, recognition list posts)

List posts are an absolute staple of successful content plans.

Do a quick search for almost anything and you can almost guarantee a list post will be lurking somewhere around the top ten.



Gavin Hirst - Wednesday 9th December 2020

5 ways Kiwi travel businesses can avoid cliches this summer

This year promises to be a summer like no other here in New Zealand. The COVID-19 pandemic means that for the first time, there will be no international visitors to our shores, the backbone of our tourism industry for so many years.

Instead, Kiwi tourism operators will instead rely on the good people of New Zealand for all of their business this year and whilst Kiwis are already booking trips in their droves, we simply don’t have the numbers to make up the shortfall in international visitors.

So, the conundrum for many local businesses who rely on tourist is this: how do we attract as many customers to our own business whilst also supporting our local community and ensuring that we, as a destination, can thrive this summer?

One of the best ways is to be authentic.

Whilst authenticity is a word we hear a lot in content marketing, it’s not as cliched…


Gavin Hirst - Wednesday 18th November 2020

5 of the biggest digital marketing challenges faced by small businesses

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought digital marketing more front and centre than ever before. Businesses from across a wide range of sectors have been forced to take a digital-first approach by the varying degrees of lockdowns and restrictions in place around the world.

This move to digital has seen more small businesses than ever taking their first steps into the world of online marketing. Previously, these businesses, many of them local, would simply rely on face-to-face engagement, word-of-mouth referrals, and a very personal approach to doing business.

Now, the landscape has changed.

Instead, small businesses are having to come up with new ways of engaging with their customers online, whilst continuing to deliver the high levels of customer service and experience that their existing customers have come to know and love and new customers are yet to discover.

This is a challenging time for businesses large and small.

In September 2020, SEMrush ran…