Gavin Hirst - Friday 24th September 2021

What should I do with old and outdated content on my website?

When we first start working with a new client, one of the first things we do is look at the content on their site. Not only are we looking at the main product and service pages, but we are also looking for news or blog content that could potentially help to support those main pages and add topical value and relevance.

Sometimes, there won’t be a blog or news section, and, in most cases, we look at this as an opportunity.

Other times, there will be a blog, however, there will have been no new posts for a while and it is clear that some love is needed to bring out the best in that section of the website and add value. Another opportunity.

Then there are the blogs that have hundreds, sometimes thousands of posts. These ones are definitely trickier to audit due to the sheer volume of content, however, once…


Gavin Hirst - Friday 17th September 2021

A guide to repurposing content – content marketing tips

Creating content is a labour of love. It is not something that should be ‘bashed out’ and forgotten about. Instead, each piece of content you create should be well thought out, well structured and have a clear purpose and audience.

All of that, of course, takes time.

And whilst that time investment may well return a positive ROI when it comes to engagement and even conversions, could your well-crafted content be working harder for you?

Repurposing the content you have worked hard to create could be a relatively simple way to make that piece do even more – reach more people, drive more engagement and potentially be seen or heard by new customers.

There are many reasons why you should repurpose the content you have created. Sometimes, it can be a case of updating older, stale content that has performed well in the past but has stopped ranking as well as it…


Gavin Hirst - Thursday 9th September 2021

Can topic clusters help local SEO?

We’ve written extensively on our blog about the impact of clusters and pillars, including this great in-depth post about why content clusters and pillars are important for SEO.

Recently, we stumbled upon a great post on the Moz blog from local SEO expert, Miriam Ellis. This post really piqued our interest, so much so, we have decided to put our own spin on that fantastic post and look at how the findings in Miriam’s post can really help local businesses right here in New Zealand.

What are pillar and cluster?

Before we get into the way pillar and cluster content can be used to improve local SEO performance, let’s first have a quick recap of the basic premise of pillar and cluster.

A topic cluster basically consists of:

  • The main topic you want to thoroughly cover with a cluster of pages
  • A pillar page that sets the theme of the cluster…