Gavin Hirst - Wednesday 6th February 2019

AMP, PWA or PWAMP? – optimising for the mobile-first index

Nope, we haven’t had an acronym meltdown. These are all ways that you can optimise your website for Google’s mobile-first index.

As we all know; speed matters. For the majority of sites, mobile-first indexing has already arrived and for those sites, speed on mobile is more crucial than ever.  If you have yet to make any changes to your site to optimise for mobile, it’s time to take your head out of the sand and put a plan in action to prepare for this seismic shift in search.

But let’s back up a little bit first.

What is the mobile-first index?

If you’ve had your head in the sand for a while, you may have missed the fact that Google has shifted the way that websites are ranked. Previously, the way your pages were ranked on both mobile and desktop was calculated using the content on the desktop version of your site. This,…


Gavin Hirst - Friday 1st February 2019

11 SEO trends you need to follow in 2019

SEO is an ever-changing industry that’s for sure. Every year, there are new technologies, algorithm updates, new types of features in the search results and billions more webpages created to compete with the content we are trying to rank at the top of the Google search results.

That’s what makes search engine optimisation such a demanding industry, but such a rewarding one when you can keep on top of all those changes and make a real difference for your clients. Search engine optimisation here in New Zealand is no different. Everyone is competing for their slice of the search pie and it’s our job to ensure our clients continue to perform at the highest level.

We’ve taken our time this year to really review the things that we think will matter the most in 2019 when it comes to SEO. There has already been a raft of posts published…

Gavin Hirst - Monday 28th January 2019

3 free* link building techniques [and how they can work for your business]

You’ve landed on this blog either a) because you’re interested in link building, b) because it said you can get something for free in the headline or c) because you are hoping for a quick, free an easy way to build links back to your site.

Well, the truth of it is, nothing ever comes for free. Hence the asterisk.

The techniques described in this blog won’t cost you anything in terms of tools. Everything mentioned in here can be done through the free versions of the various tools mentioned.

So what’s the cost I hear you say?

Well, like everything that revolves around link building – blood, sweat and tears. And in many cases, time. Your own time never comes for free. There is a cost associated with everything you do during your working day so whilst there may be no direct cost to your business, effective link building is going to…