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Paul Thornton - Wednesday 22nd February 2012

Are Graphic Designers killing the web?

This week I read a really interesting post on The Guardian about just this topic (you can have a read here), and it got me thinking. The author obviously set out to be slightly controversial (not unusual for readers of The Guardian) and perhaps takes it slightly to the point of exaggeration, but he does raise a really interesting question and one which we’ve discussed here a few times before. So let’s start with one simple fact: designing websites is not the same as doing graphic design. That’s probably upset a whole load of people, but it’s the truth. My very favourite quote about design is from Steve Jobs who said about design that “’s not just what it looks like and feels like. It’s how it works.”
(I read his biography over Xmas and couldn’t recommend it highly enough. Buy it here)

So let’s think about…

Paul Thornton - Tuesday 21st February 2012

How much is Google backing Google+?

For the first time ever (or at least the first time I have seen in 7 years of working in online), Google have dedicated a section of their Search Homepage to something other than search. In trying to prove that if they want it, they generally get it (except in the well publicised failures such as Buzz, Knol, Wave and Orkut), Google are highly promoting Google+ even if it takes away from their Search effort.

Take a look at the Homepage today:
Google Homepage

We see that they have a share box on every page of the website – just as you can share/update your status on Facebook from anywhere on the Facebook site. They are really trying to make it a social experience, but they’ve got a long way to go…

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Paul Thornton - Monday 23rd January 2012

Get SEO right in 2012

Like most of you, we’ve spent some time in the last month or two reviewing 2011 and putting together ideas/plans/dreams for 2012. One of the things we really try to focus on most of all of course, is what our customers (and potential customers) are saying to us: what problems they need solving and what comes up as part of this.

With SEO, our conversations seem to have been divided into 2 clear camps: those who’ve tried SEO with one of the many firms in NZ who profess to deliver SEO but leave your business no better off than when you started; and those who’ve know they want to “be on Google”. So I thought it would be useful to clear up one thing quickly: yes, SEO does work, and yes, it makes a real difference to your business.

If you’re in the first group, let us show you, really quickly,…

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