Gavin Hirst - Monday 22nd June 2015

Content is King but who is Queen?

The saying ‘Content is King’ has been around for years but more recently, we have started to see a footnote added to the statement which usually refers to the Queen.

So what exactly is Queen if content is King?

Well, some argue that context is Queen and there can be no denying that content without context is pretty worthless to your business. If you’re in the thermal plastics industry and you suddenly start putting out content about car repairs then this is not going to add much value to your business and is probably going to confuse the hell out of your customers.

So we can agree, context is pretty crucial but is it really the Queen?

Well, here at Digital Hothouse, we agree with Buzzfeed’s Jonathan Perelman in thinking that the Queen to content’s King is distribution, or outreach or whatever it is that you call the activity of spreading the content…


Gavin Hirst - Wednesday 17th June 2015

How important is page load speed for SEO?

Over the next few weeks we are going to be taking a more in depth look at the top ten things we learnt at SMX Sydney 2015 and delving a little deeper into some of the areas you should be focussing your SEO efforts on this year.

The first of those is page load speed and the impact this has on your rankings on Google. AT SMX, we heard from some big players in the SEO world and there was a lot of chat over the 3 days about page load speed. Gary Illyes from Google was quick to point out that although page load speed is not currently factored in to the new mobile friendly algorithm, it soon will be so we thought we would look at the benefits of speeding up your page load speed and some of the tools you can use to check and refine…

Gavin Hirst - Tuesday 26th May 2015

SMX Sydney – Day 3 Review – New organic opportunities, HTTPS and insider information

So the final day of SMX Sydney 2015 arrived and with much anticipation as this was the day of the SEO Workshop, a much more intimate event with around 40 people attending and a chance to get some really good tips off some of the best SEOs in the world. Bring it on!

Dr Pete Meyers – Moz

First up was Dr Pete from Moz who opened up with a talk about the new organic opportunities that exist within Google and how to take advantage of these. He started off by hitting us with some pretty scary stuff when it comes to monitoring rankings:

  • Ranking number 1 organically can mean you appear below the fold
  • There can be as few as 4 organic spots in a Google SERP

With these two stats ringing in our ears, Dr Pete went on to talk about the opportunities to take advantage of the new and…