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Gavin Hirst - Thursday 20th October 2016

Google Possum update joins Penguins and Pandas at the Google Zoo

The dust is finally starting to settle on what has been a turbulent six or seven weeks in the SEO world. If you are a subscriber to AccuRanker’s daily Google status, I’m not sure a day has gone by in the last seven weeks where Google has not been grumpy or furious which basically equates to huge fluctuations in rankings across all markets and all devices and signals algorithm updates at work.
So, what do we know and what does it mean for SEOs?

Google Possum – a new local algorithm

The first ‘hit’ to strike on the rankings was an update on September 1 which has no official name from Google but which has been affectionately dubbed as Possum by the SEO community. This name comes from the fact that following the update, many webmasters saw a disappearance of their Google My Business listing from the search results but what was…

Gavin Hirst - Friday 7th November 2014

The changing landscape of SEO

Following on from our rather lovely infographic last time out, we thought we would expand a little on the changing landscape of SEO and what it means for your business.

Algorithm updates

As we know, Google makes changes to their algorithm hundreds of times each year – many of these are so minor they do not even bother to tell us but roughly every quarter, they tend to carry out more significant changes that can dramatically affect the ranking of your pages and overall site. They cycle of updates we currently find ourselves in are known by Google as Penguin updates and we are now on to the sixth major revision (as of late October 2014).

The latest change (Penguin 3.0) impacts less than 1% of English queries so is unlikely to have a major impact this time around on your rankings. Previous changes have caused previously very successful sites to see…