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Yohei Guy - Thursday 9th January 2020

Why content clusters and pillars are important for SEO

The idea of content clusters and pillars have been floating around in SEO for a while now and for good reason. In an increasingly competitive landscape, they offer a path to rank for difficult and challenging keywords dominated by strong individual posts.

We thought we’d explore some of the reasons why content clusters and pillars are so important for SEO today.

Organising your content ideas

One of the main benefits of content clusters and pillars is a self-serving one, in that it forces SEO Specialists to consider and organise their ideas in a thoughtful and pragmatic way. Traditionally, one would target high volume/value keywords in isolation, typically via a standalone blog post. With clusters and pillars, a layered approach is required and a hierarchy established.

This naturally forces you to organise your ideas and think carefully about the relationships between them. In doing so, you also improve and bring order to your own…

Gavin Hirst - Wednesday 16th December 2015

Building your brand in a crowded online space

I have read a couple of really fascinating articles over the last few days, both featured on the Moz blog which got me thinking about the importance of building a brand that can achieve stand-out in a crowded online space. Back to back posts from Moz on brand and content strategy (which had a heavy focus on brand) tells me that this is a hot topic and got me thinking about the clients we work with and the value that we need to add in the content we produce in helping to build those brands.

Developing your content strategy

We work with many of our clients to help develop a content strategy. In the past, this may have focused on delivering a consistent volume of content at key points in their yearly cycle, however how we do our content strategy planning has definitely changed over the past 12…

Gavin Hirst - Friday 22nd May 2015

What is the future of link building?

There has been a lot said about the value of links in terms of SEO over the past few months with some even going as far to say that link building is dead. Although we agree that the way we carry out link building has changed, we still think there is a lot of value in building links but one thing to make sure of is that you are building the right types of links and not wasting your time and money on links that will add little SEO value.

Let’s make no mistake, link building is not a 2 minute job. The process of building a link outreach campaign, talking to relevant bloggers and people on social media and targeting relevant news sites takes time and effort and quite often, we don’t see any movement in our rankings so what gives?

Are you building the right types of links?

If you’re…