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Paul Thornton - Wednesday 20th September 2017

Speeding Up Your Search Ads with Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

We live in a world where consumers want everything here and now, with minimal delays, and no issues… the online space is no exception.

Most consumers expect a fast mobile experience. Whether it’s booking a hotel, looking for a restaurant, enquiring about a specific product or searching for the cheapest flight, the key to creating mobile-first experiences has been repeatedly emphasised over the last couple years as we have seen mobile device usage take off.

It is no secret that faster and simpler landing pages can lead to more conversions and better user engagement.

Think with Google recently completed a study to understand the correlation between page load speed and bounce rate (see table below). They found that as page loading time increases from 1 to 7 seconds, the probability of the mobile site’s users bouncing increases by 113%.

Yes, that’s right… 1 to 7 seconds is all it takes to have someone…

Paul Thornton - Wednesday 7th December 2016

The impact of Google AdWords Price Extensions’ New Look

Google Adwords logo

Price extensions are a Google AdWords extension that allow you to display prices for products/services within the ad. These were initially in the form of a list similar to sitelinks but now Google has transformed them to swipeable cards.

What does this mean for you?

The update to the format of price extensions means that even if the visitor does not click on your ad, they will still know what we are offering and at what price, helping to raise brand awareness and also helping the user to make price comparisons. Whilst this may not result in a click through to your website from the ad, hopefully it may lead to a future click either from paid or organic.

Generally price extensions allow you to highlight the price with a header and description of the product/service. You can use price extensions to…

Gavin Hirst - Friday 26th February 2016

Google’s New SERPs Layout – what it all means for SEO and PPC

We have been reading with interest all the blogs and news posts regarding the significant changes to the Google search results pages (SERPs) this week and, having sat back and taken it all, we’re ready to throw our two-penneth into the ring.

What exactly has changed with the SERPs?

First up, for those who may not have seen it yet, Google rolled out one of their biggest changes to the SERPs for a good number of years this week when it removed the text ads from the right hand side of the page. They have instead replaced this with four text ads (instead of 3) in the mainline area above the organic results for ‘highly commercial queries”.

Top of a Google SERPs showing new four ad layout

Three text ads will also be shown at the bottom of the SERPs under the last…

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