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Gavin Hirst - Tuesday 26th May 2015

SMX Sydney – Day 1 Review – Mobile Friendly, Answer Boxes, Link Building and more

You’ve probably seen our top 10 highlights from our recent trip to SMX Sydney but now we want to put some flesh on the bone and really give you some more detailed hints and tips which could help your business online.

Here is a run down from the main talks on day 1 – there was just too much to put all 3 days into one blog post!

Dr Pete Meyers – Moz

This year’s event was kicked off in style by Dr Pete from Moz who gave a really insightful keynote looking at how Google is evolving and the way a SERP (search engine results page) looks today is much different from 5 years ago. Today, with answer boxes, local snack packs, knowledge graph results, advertising, news packs and in-depth results, there can be as few as four organic results on the first page of a Google SERP – just…

Gavin Hirst - Monday 23rd March 2015

Are you ready for the launch of Google’s mobile-friendly algorithm? It’s going to be bigger than Penguin or Panda

We all know it’s coming. Google announced a while back that they will be launching a new mobile-friendly algorithm on 21 April this year but what does that mean for your website and your rankings?

Well, this week Barry Schwartz from Search Engine Land reported that according to Google’s Zineb Ait Bahajji speaking at SMX Munich, this algorithm update will impact more sites that their Penguin or Panda algorithms. Those algorithms affected around 4% and 12% of English queries respectively so if what Zineb is saying is true, then we can expect this algorithm update to have a significant impact on those site that are not mobile-friendly.

Is your site mobile responsive?

It is believed that about 50% of searches on Google are carried out on a mobile device. That is why Google are releasing this new algorithm and that is why it is crucial that your website is mobile-friendly before…