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Gavin Hirst - Thursday 16th July 2015

How important is site speed for SEO? [Infographic]

We recently wrote a post looking at the importance of page load speed for SEO and how it is important for a couple of reasons:

  1. Faster sites provide a better user experience
  2. Faster sites are ranked better in Google

There is some debate over what elements of site speed affect rankings; whether it’s overall time to download the content of a page or whether it is the time to first bite speed. Either way, we know that it is crucial that you are working on improving your site speed and looking at both of these factors is the best way to tackle the issues.

US-based cloud infrastructure company SingleHop have produced an excellent infographic to help demonstrate some of the key areas you should be working on and a set of best practices which you can see below. Some…

Gavin Hirst - Wednesday 17th June 2015

How important is page load speed for SEO?

Over the next few weeks we are going to be taking a more in depth look at the top ten things we learnt at SMX Sydney 2015 and delving a little deeper into some of the areas you should be focussing your SEO efforts on this year.

The first of those is page load speed and the impact this has on your rankings on Google. AT SMX, we heard from some big players in the SEO world and there was a lot of chat over the 3 days about page load speed. Gary Illyes from Google was quick to point out that although page load speed is not currently factored in to the new mobile friendly algorithm, it soon will be so we thought we would look at the benefits of speeding up your page load speed and some of the tools you can use to check and refine…