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Gavin Hirst - Friday 27th September 2019

How automating PageSpeed Insights can save you time and improve your page speed scores

Google’s PageSpeed Insights tool has been one of the most valuable tools in an SEOs armoury for some time now. Since its initial launch back in October of 2013, SEOs have been using the tool as a stick to beat clients with about the speed of their websites and the importance of delivering a super-fast experience to users.

Page speed became even more important as of July 2018 when Google announced that page speed would now be used as a ranking factor in their mobile search results. Previously, page speed had been an important consideration for users, however, it was never confirmed as a ranking factor until January 2018 when Google’s announcement gave webmasters plenty of time to get their sites up to speed.

Tracking and monitoring page speed scores

Over the past 2-3 years, we have been actively monitoring and tracking page speed scores for all our clients. This is…

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