Panda algorithm Posts

Gavin Hirst - Saturday 10th October 2015

Panda and thin content – what’s the deal?

We reported in the Digital Hothouse blog back in July that Google had started the roll out of the Panda 4.2 algorithm update but that it was going to take some time to complete the full roll out. Fast forward 4 months and it appears as though the update is still rolling out with many sites who have previously been hit by a Panda penalty still showing no signs of recovery so what gives? Is there still time to fix up any Panda related issues (if you haven’t done it by now, what have you been doing!!)? And what does the future look like for those who have not recovered from a Panda Penalty?

Removing low quality pages or fix them up?

Jennifer Slegg of The SEM Post recently reported on an interesting Twitter conversation with Gary Illyes from Google regarding the best way of dealing with ‘thin’ content which…

Gavin Hirst - Sunday 1st February 2015

What have we learnt from Google’s Penguin algorithm updates? Not to forget about Panda…

Google’s Penguin algorithm update has certainly been causing a big stir over recent months with updates around Thanksgiving in the US causing sites to drop off the ranking and similar issues across the globe. As we know, the Penguin algorithm is Google’s way of tackling link spam and bad links, trying to clean up number of dodgy paid links and directories that have for some been in place for many years.

The impact of a Penguin penalty can be severe – a loss of rankings on your own brand name is the worst case scenario and a period of time in the search abyss. It’s easy to see why SEOs place a lot of emphasis on dealing with potential link spam issues as there is nothing worse than seeing a client lose their rankings, especially if the links were in place long before you took over the management of their…