Republishing content Posts

Yohei Guy - Sunday 2nd August 2020

How To Fill Your Content Calendar With Content Curation

Content curation has always been an important part of any social media strategy and in the current context of COVID-19, has become increasingly so. The main reason for this, is of course, due to the tightening of marketing budgets as a result of the pandemic. With limited resources for in-house or external content creation, content curation, by contrast, offers a much more cost-effective way of engaging the community through your social media channels.

The real question then becomes how do you fill your content calendar with content curation or, more importantly, how do you do it effectively and well. We thought we’d share a few ideas that have been successful for us.

Topicality is always a good starting point

There’s no shortage of content already in existence on the world wide web – a fact that few would argue with. This presents the challenge of trying to figure out where and how…

Gavin Hirst - Friday 30th October 2015

Re-using your great content – Google likes republished content

Keeping your content up-to-date and publishing fresh and engaging content on a regular basis is tricky – it takes time to create new content that means something to your audience and adds value but a recent Whiteboard Friday from Moz confirmed something we have been advocating with our clients for some time; if you have high performing content, don’t be afraid to improve on it and re-publish it. Not only does this keep your content publishing up to date, Google actually rewards companies and individuals who republish, especially if you add further value to that content when you republish.

Don’t rest on your content laurels

If like many companies, you have a solid content plan in place which you execute on a regular basis, you probably publish in a similar way each week; create the content, publish to your blog or website, share via social media and then…hope for the best….