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Gavin Hirst - Monday 30th October 2017

Why social media should be a key part of your customer service programme

Customer service is an integral part of every business’s success. The best companies have been doing it well for decades, responding to complaint letters and picking up the phone.

Times have changed though.

Over the past 4-5 years, the amount of people turning to social media for customer service has grown substantially. The growth has been so substantial that a recent study found that social media was the preferred channel for customer service:

Social media is the preferred customer service channel

What are the main benefits of using social media for customer service?

With so many companies pushing out their products and services through social media platforms, it only makes sense to manage your customer service through those same channels. After all, if you expect people to buy from you because they saw your product or service on a social media channel, then the least you can…

Paul Thornton - Monday 23rd January 2012

Get SEO right in 2012

Like most of you, we’ve spent some time in the last month or two reviewing 2011 and putting together ideas/plans/dreams for 2012. One of the things we really try to focus on most of all of course, is what our customers (and potential customers) are saying to us: what problems they need solving and what comes up as part of this.

With SEO, our conversations seem to have been divided into 2 clear camps: those who’ve tried SEO with one of the many firms in NZ who profess to deliver SEO but leave your business no better off than when you started; and those who’ve know they want to “be on Google”. So I thought it would be useful to clear up one thing quickly: yes, SEO does work, and yes, it makes a real difference to your business.

If you’re in the first group, let us show you, really quickly,…

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Paul Thornton - Tuesday 22nd November 2011

Adwords: it’s not marketing spend, it’s a cost of sale.

That’s right – stop thinking of Adwords as part of your marketing spend! Would you stop paying one of your sales team from selling more just so you didn’t pay them more bonus in a given month? Or stop your reseller selling products? Of course you wouldn’t, you’d make sure they just kept generating as much business as they could because you know you’re making money on it.

Image of the Google logo with a dollar sign behind representing the value of Google Adwords

That’s the key to it of course, knowing if you’re making money or not. So let’s first make sure we know if we’re making money or not online (see last week’s post for some more detail on this).

So now we should be able to tell exactly how many sales, enquiries, downloads…