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Yohei Guy - Thursday 9th January 2020

Why content clusters and pillars are important for SEO

The idea of content clusters and pillars have been floating around in SEO for a while now and for good reason. In an increasingly competitive landscape, they offer a path to rank for difficult and challenging keywords dominated by strong individual posts.

We thought we’d explore some of the reasons why content clusters and pillars are so important for SEO today.

Organising your content ideas

One of the main benefits of content clusters and pillars is a self-serving one, in that it forces SEO Specialists to consider and organise their ideas in a thoughtful and pragmatic way. Traditionally, one would target high volume/value keywords in isolation, typically via a standalone blog post. With clusters and pillars, a layered approach is required and a hierarchy established.

This naturally forces you to organise your ideas and think carefully about the relationships between them. In doing so, you also improve and bring order to your own…

Brian Thomas - Monday 12th August 2019

Google’s Main Ranking “Factors”

When searching for what Google’s main or most important ranking factors are, you will be shown many different lists of varying sizes that tell you which ranking factors are the most important and in what order. They all typically mention that there are over 200 different ranking factors that we know about but seem to pick out the top 10 or so and over explain them all.

Here we will talk about the most important ranking factors, but in a way that should help shape your approach to and understanding of SEO. If we can understand SEO through principles, rather than a checklist 200 lines long, it can be easier for anyone to understand and implement. If we think about SEO in three main focus areas, it becomes easier to understand what to do when building out your site, the content on your pages, and what to look for when…

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Gavin Hirst - Friday 1st February 2019

11 SEO trends you need to follow in 2019

SEO is an ever-changing industry that’s for sure. Every year, there are new technologies, algorithm updates, new types of features in the search results and billions more webpages created to compete with the content we are trying to rank at the top of the Google search results.

That’s what makes search engine optimisation such a demanding industry, but such a rewarding one when you can keep on top of all those changes and make a real difference for your clients. Search engine optimisation here in New Zealand is no different. Everyone is competing for their slice of the search pie and it’s our job to ensure our clients continue to perform at the highest level.

We’ve taken our time this year to really review the things that we think will matter the most in 2019 when it comes to SEO. There has already been a raft of posts published…