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Gavin Hirst - Friday 7th August 2015

Avoid getting hacked – make sure you’re up to date

At the end of June, we were all given a very sharp reminder that no one is immune from getting hacked. Whether you are a one man band running a small website or a huge global organisation with 10,000 employees. If you don’t secure your site correctly, you are leaving yourself open to getting hacked.

At the back end of June, that’s exactly what happened to the Microsoft site, That’s right. A Microsoft owned site got hacked. According to Wordfence, the site was running an older version of WordPress (WP) which made it susceptible to getting hacked, something that could be easily avoided by keeping on top of updates across the board; CMS, plugins and themes.

Updating your core CMS

Many sites today are built in WordPress. The latest stable release of WordPress is version 4.2.3 and if you are running a WP site that is not using this version,…