Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)

“We've just got to the top of Google but our sales haven’t gone up. What’s going on?” said a very confused company looking for our help.

After taking a quick look, it turned out that a previous agency had done a pretty good job in optimising their site for some keywords but forgot one important thing. The content they were optimising was rubbish. There was zero added value to the end user. The result? A massive bounce rate and a lot of disappointed Googlers who will never get back those 5 minutes they wasted on that site. In turn this will also have a negative affect on your SEO too.

That’s the harsh reality when you don’t optimise your site for conversion, only for keywords.

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The easier things are to buy, the more we consume.

Erik Qualman Author Socialnomics

How do you optimise a site for conversions?

Well, it all gets a bit scientific (with a bit of human stuff thrown in to keep us sane). The best way to test whether a page is working or how it could be working better is to measure it, change something and measure again. There are a number of ways to do this and we use a combination based on the needs of the client.

A/B Split Testing

You’ve got what you think is a well-optimised landing page but you’re simply not converting the visitors to your website. By optimising with A/B split testing, you can actively track one thing against another and see which is best for both engagement and conversions.

User testing

This is the human stuff to keep you sane. Whilst A/B testing will tell you what works and what doesn’t, it can’t tell you why. User testing can. By sitting down with customers and asking them to test out new features, you get that warm and squidgy qualitative data to sit alongside your quantitative. Some companies go as far as running clinical trials – we’re not that scientific about it but we do know how to talk to customers and find out what they want from a website.

Heat mapping and eye tracking

This stuff can get a bit freaky but gives some awesome insights into where people are looking on your pages, where they are spending time and importantly, where they are clicking, giving valuable insight into what needs to be changed.

User journey and path analysis

Using Google Analytics (other analytics packages are available), we can gather insights into the journey a user takes through your sites and the paths they take from arrival to exit and understand more about the conversion funnel specific to your business. This helps us to understand what a customer is looking for and help them to get their quicker, improving the user experience and ultimately driving more conversions.

Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted.

Albert Einstein

Let your website become your best salesperson

We often compare websites to salespeople. Your website is there to do the same job. Get sales. So let us ask you this: If your website was a salesperson, would you be having a quiet word in their ear or giving them a pay rise? In order to be a good salesperson, a website needs to know when to provide content that informs/educates the customer (product descriptions, blogs, videos) and other times when it needs to stop talking and show tell the customer the price and how to buy. Understanding that your site has to meet different goals for different customers is important. Understanding how to achieve a sale from these different customers is called conversion rate optimisation.

We can only do this by understanding customer behaviour. Once we do, we can help to make sure your site is optimised not only for search engines but for conversions too. A combination which will have a huge impact on your bottom line.

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Why Digital Hothouse?

  • We understand customer behaviour
  • We're really good at data analysis
  • We use the latest tools to help understand your customers and to test different variations
  • We make changes that impact on your bottom line
  • We are a full-service digital marketing agency so we understand all facets of online marketing
  • We tie your CRO goals to your marketing strategy goals