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Our clients include GO Rentals, Mighty Ape, Stuff.co.nz, Triathlon New Zealand, Lumino, Postie and many more. We have a strong pedigree of providing quality Digital Marketing Services including, SEO, Google Adwords Management, Website Design & Development and much more to our clients. Check out the icons below to see how Digital Hothouse can help your business.




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Welcome To Digital Hothouse

Digital Hothouse was set up to be a different kind of agency. After experience of working both client and agency side, we were sick of constantly serving our bosses, but not the end client. We know what benefits our clients and how we can provide the best possible service, ensuring one singular key outcome to our clients.

That key outcome? Return on Investment.

Everything we do focuses 100% on your ROI. Our reporting has a central focus on ROI, so that you, the client, can see that the work we do has a positive outcome on your business. Not just ranking increases or improvements on clickthrough rate – but clear actionable data, showing increases in sales, revenue, leads, or whatever’s important to your business.

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Our Blog

How important is site speed for SEO? [Infographic]

  • Posted By: Gavin Hirst
  • July 16, 2015

We recently wrote a post looking at the importance of page load speed for SEO and how it is important for a couple of reasons: Faster sites provide a better user experience Faster sites are ranked better in Google There is some debate over what elements of site speed affect rankings; whether it’s overall time […]

How to protect your brand in the new domain era

  • Posted By: Gavin Hirst
  • July 9, 2015

The online world is a changing place. Long gone are the days when the only domain extensions you would see would be .com, .co.nz or .com.au for example. These limited possibilities meant that prime domain addresses were fiercely fought after as brands tried to establish themselves online. Today however, in an initiative led by the […]

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