Gavin Hirst - Thursday 10th November 2016

Earning links that matter for SEO

Link earning is the new link outreach

The difference between being on the first page of the search results and being on page two comes down to a number of factors, however one of the most important is still links. Yes, the laborious and often painstaking work of manually reaching out for links still matters. Gone are the days when it was a simple case of going out and buying some links from sites with a good domain authority score or going even further back, just buying links period.

Link building, link outreach, link acquisition – whatever you want to call it has now evolved to link earning and this requires a much more scientific approach.

Link earning takes time and effort

The question abounds today as to whether it is worth the time and resource that many companies still invest in link earning. And…

Gavin Hirst - Thursday 20th October 2016

Google Possum update joins Penguins and Pandas at the Google Zoo

The dust is finally starting to settle on what has been a turbulent six or seven weeks in the SEO world. If you are a subscriber to AccuRanker’s daily Google status, I’m not sure a day has gone by in the last seven weeks where Google has not been grumpy or furious which basically equates to huge fluctuations in rankings across all markets and all devices and signals algorithm updates at work.
So, what do we know and what does it mean for SEOs?

Google Possum – a new local algorithm

The first ‘hit’ to strike on the rankings was an update on September 1 which has no official name from Google but which has been affectionately dubbed as Possum by the SEO community. This name comes from the fact that following the update, many webmasters saw a disappearance of their Google My Business listing from the search results but what was…

Gavin Hirst - Thursday 4th August 2016

301 redirects rules have changed – what is the SEO impact?

Officially or unofficially, Google announced last week that the way 3xx redirects are handled by Google has changed. There have been rumblings for a while that it may no longer be seen as a negative thing to have 301 and 302 redirects in place across your site.

In the old school SEO playbook, we have always been wary of using too many redirects on our sites because of the loss of PageRank. It was widely believed that using a 301 (permanent) redirect would result in around a 15% loss in PageRank  – the exact same amount as a link from one page to another. However, it now seems that Google will no longer be treating any 3xx redirects this way and there will be no loss of PageRank when you add any form of 3xx redirect.

Whilst this sound like a huge plus for SEOs, there may be more to this…

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