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Here at Digital Hothouse we definitely talk the talk but we like to think we can walk the walk as well. Between us, we have over 25 years experience. You can read more about the 'talk' below and if you want to know more about the 'walk' be sure to get in touch.


Managing Director

I formed Digital Hothouse in 2010 after six years of working for both agencies and client-side, focusing on SEO strategy development. I have a broad knowledge of digital marketing, however my specialities lie in Search Engine Optimisation, PPC, and Web Analytics.


Digital Hothouse was formed out of a need to do things differently - I was sick of working for agencies that are focused on their bottom line and seeing clients turnover once their contract ended. We have clients that have been on our books ever since we started; our clients aren't tied into long arduous contracts, they stay with us because we get them results. If a client isn't happy then we haven't done our jobs and if we haven't done our jobs then why should a client be forced to stay. Speak to us and see how we can help.


Head of SEO

I’m Gavin and I moved to New Zealand in November 2014 after nine years working as a Marketing specialist within the education sector in both the UK and in NZ. Since 2010, I have specialised in the area of Digital Marketing with a particular focus on SEO and content strategy.


I work with a number of high profile clients in NZ and overseas, creating and executing digital marketing, content and social media strategies that deliver results. My background from the UK means I have a lot of experience managing social media accounts for businesses, a relatively niche skill that is often undervalued by many companies. I am passionate about SEO and content marketing and have written a wide range of news, blog and content marketing pieces that have achieved high engagement and delivered results.


Digital Account Manager

Hi, I’m Lindsay and I am a Digital Account Manager for Digital Hothouse. My passion is Social Media and Social Media Advertising. I enjoy using my expertise in this area to help my clients to hyper-target specific users, build an audience, and create a solid return on investment that is directly trackable.


My biggest strengths come from my previous career: A registered nurse. I previously worked as an Emergency Department Clinical Charge Nurse at New Zealand's largest public hospital and major trauma centre.

This job required a high level of critical thinking, communication, problem solving, management and co-ordination of people, planning, organisation, and team-work. These are the transferable skills that I bring to the table when working with clients of Digital Hothouse


Lead Developer

I have a lot of experience in developing websites across a number of different sectors both in NZ and across the world. I work closely with the team at Digital Hothouse to make sure the design and layout of a site matches the needs of the clients, to ensure maximum conversion opportunities and a great user experience.


I have worked on the development of a number of major websites in NZ and the UK where I spent most of my life, focusing on the easiest way for users to use the websites our designers build. My passion for web development lies in ensuring a user who comes to a website leaves with the information they need, delivered in a way that gives them a positive experience on the site. I have a great understanding of SEO and how people navigate websites which means when I develop a new site, I can apply my previous experience to ensure the best possible result for the client. SEO is such an important part of our business, and it should be yours - it's something that is at the core of what we do.


Lead Designer

My main role involves the creative design of websites across a wide range of sectors. I have a passion for digital marketing and in particular design and user experience (UX) which I think go hand in hand. I work closely with the team at Digital Hothouse to ensure we meet the needs of the clients both with the design and execution of the websites we develop.


I have worked on a wide range of website developments both in NZ, Australia and further. I have a good overall understanding of digital marketing and take a holistic approach to designing and developing a new website, taking into consideration the needs of the client but also making suggestions about integrating web design and development with social media, ensuring that content on a site can be delivered in a way that engages with the end user.


Lead Developer

I’m a lead developer at Digital Hothouse responsible for the development of client websites, taking concepts from design to build. I have a wide range of skills including email marketing, strategy and website development as well as experience in social media marketing.


I have an honors degree and Master’s in Mechanical Engineering and Engineering Management respectively. Since graduating, I have put these skills to use in a more creative way, designing and building websites for a wide range of clients across a number of different sectors. I am able to provide creative solutions both in terms of design and layout, working closely with clients and the rest of the Digital Hothouse team to ensure that a website meets the clients needs and goals.

35 contractors in 5 different countries

We have a wide talent pool of creative and technology professionals that span the globe. Talented, driven and enthusiastic specialists that collaborate with us on projects as required. Our network has been developed over years of building solid relationships in the delivery of successful campaigns and projects.

Want to work with the team? We’re always on the lookout for exceptional people with proven ability. Visionaries, creatives, production and technology experts – get in touch today.

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