Genuine results
from genuine people

No more faceless agencies. No more lengthy contracts. No more quick-fix solutions.
Just the digital marketing results you need, from people you want to work with.

We are Digital Hothouse

A small but perfectly formed SEO turned full-service digital marketing agency. Made up of a close-knit group of expats, we take our can-do attitude and turn it into results for our clients. But with none of the nonsense that other agencies do – no account managers, no misleading reports, and no lengthy contracts.

In an industry of Goliaths, we’re David.

Changing the digital marketing landscape in New Zealand

We’re the only agency offering a full suite of digital marketing services with all the results you would expect, but none of the nasty contracts. By giving people freedom, we keep them coming back. And we rebuild industry trust in the process.

We’ve been around the block…and back again

Established in 2010, we’ve seen a thing or two at Digital Hothouse. We started as an SEO agency, however, over the past 13 years, we’ve continued to upskill our team and now offer a full suite of digital marketing services including AdWords, social media, content marketing and of course, SEO.

Whilst we have welcomed new members of the team over the past 13 years, the core of the team remains the same, helping us to build long-lasting relationships with clients, some of whom have been with us pretty much from the start.

Fully flexible

Business goals change. We get that. Our agility means we can adapt to your objectives as they evolve, seamlessly shifting to focus on what’s most relevant for you right now.

Totally transparent

Know exactly what’s being worked on and why. Get direct access to the people working on your project, honest answers to your questions and transparent reporting for peace of mind.

Purely positive

Our years of industry experience mean we can always find a solution. We make it our mission to be proactive – going above and beyond to solve your problems, not just present them back to you.

Meet the

Managing Director

Paul Thornton

I formed Digital Hothouse in 2010 after six years of working for both agencies and client-side, focusing on SEO strategy development. I have a broad knowledge of digital marketing; however my specialities lie in Search Engine Optimisation, PPC, and Web Analytics.


Digital Hothouse was formed out of a need to do things differently – I was sick of working for agencies that are focused on their bottom line and seeing clients turnover once their contract ended. We have clients that have been on our books ever since we started; our clients aren’t tied into long arduous contracts; they stay with us because we get them results. If a client isn’t happy then we haven’t done our jobs and if we haven’t done our jobs, then why should a client be forced to stay. Speak to us and see how we can help.

Head of SEO

Gavin Hirst

I moved to New Zealand in November 2014 after nine years of working as a marketing specialist within the education sector in both the UK and NZ. Since 2010, I have specialised in Digital Marketing with a particular focus on SEO and content strategy.


I work with a number of high-profile clients in NZ and overseas, creating and executing digital marketing, SEO, and content strategies that deliver results. My background from the UK means I have a lot of experience working in large organisations – a highly transferable skill that has allowed me to slip seamlessly into agency life, attaching myself as an extra member to all my client’s teams. I am passionate about SEO and content marketing and have written a wide range of news, blog and content marketing pieces that have achieved high engagement and delivered results.


We love to deliver for our clients, but we have learnt that as an agency, we can deliver much more than that.

In early 2020, we started working with Paralympics New Zealand, donating our time and expertise to help to grow their audience and raise awareness of the fantastic work they are doing here in New Zealand. It’s a relationship we are proud of and it’s just a little something we like to give back each year.

We also donate to charities throughout New Zealand that are close to our hearts.