Social Media

“Yep, no worries. We’ve got social covered. There’s a young kid who knows all about Facebook, and you know, they're all on it at that age, so he looks after all the social stuff for us”.

Said no successful business on social. Ever.

Just because someone uses a variety of social networking sites in their personal life does not mean they know how to run a company’s social media accounts. It takes time. It takes skill. And it takes a deep understanding not only of each platform but of the type of content that is best suited to each platform and the audience persona you want to communicate with. That doesn’t come overnight.

Social media is like teen sex. Everybody wants to do it. Nobody knows how. When it’s finally done, there is surprise it’s not better.

Avinash Kaushik Analytics Evangelist, Google

Social Media in Auckland

With many of New Zealand’s biggest and best businesses based up in Auckland, it’s perhaps no surprise that a lot of social media marketers are found in the big smoke. Our team brings to the table social marketing experience from the UK as well as from right here in NZ.

Social Media Management

Here at Digital Hothouse, we’ve been successfully managing social media accounts for all types of clients for some time now. Over that time, we’ve continued to learn. By posting content across all the major social channels, you get a much deeper understanding of what people engage with and what bombs. Over time, we’ve had less bombing and more engagement than our clients could have ever imagined. Sure, we still post up the occasional bomb but we like to call that continual learning. Hey, no one’s perfect.

Social media strategy and planning

Social media tends to be the kid who’s always picked last on the sports team. When everyone is stacked out, social media is the first thing that gets jettisoned and that’s not such a smart move. That’s where we can help. We can be as hands-on or as hands-off as you like. For some of our clients, we put in place the strategy and the framework so they can deliver awesome work through their social media sites.

For other clients, we are their social media department.

We source their content, schedule posts, respond to comments and messages and we make sure they build a great reputation online.

Take your brand social - talk to us today

Whether you’re looking for a guiding light to set your social media on the right path or you want someone to come in and kick-start your business across social platforms, then we’re your guys! We manage Facebook accounts for our clients whose fanbase totals over 450,000 so we definitely know what we're doing!

+453378 Facebook Fans

Customer Service

Your social platforms are a direct gateway to your customers. There aren’t many people in the world who are not on at least one social network so it’s important to tap into this as it is rapidly becoming an invaluable customer service tool. Your customers expect you to be present on social. They also expect you to be responsive, almost 24/7.

One thing many companies underestimate is the amount of time it takes to manage your social profiles. Whilst there are some amazing social media management tools out there, you still need the expertise and experience to know what you’re looking for. From social listening to scheduling content to responding to reviews - there’s a lot of work involved in managing your social profiles and this can take you away from your other marketing efforts if you don’t have the team members in place with the necessary skills.

Delivering ROI

Social media offers you a great platform to build and maintain relationships with customers, existing and new. Being able to have that direct contact with them on platforms where you know they engage offers up some great opportunities. Whilst many agencies will report back to you on engagement stats and growth, we go one step further and tie everything in with your KPIs, giving you real insight and delivering an ROI.

Part of our social media work also revolves around digital PR – we have some awesome relationships with media contacts throughout NZ and the world and we use these to leverage positive PR through both social media and news articles. Because we’re SEO specialists, we never switch off that part of our brain so whether we’re working on your content marketing, social media or your web content, we’re always working on your rankings and ultimately, your bottom line.

We don’t have a choice on whether we do social media. The question is how well we do it.

Erik Qualman Author, Socialnomics

In-house social media training

If you’re new to social media (in a business sense) or you just want a nudge in the right direction, we offer in-house training to bring your current team up to speed. We can put frameworks in place to ensure your social media activity is aligned with your content marketing and SEO, creating a consistent tone of voice and approach to every aspect of your digital marketing.

Why Digital Hothouse?

  • Years of experience managing business social media accounts
  • Track record for creating engaging content
  • Less bombing, more engagement