Gavin Hirst - Monday 30th October 2017

Why social media should be a key part of your customer service programme

Customer service is an integral part of every business’s success. The best companies have been doing it well for decades, responding to complaint letters and picking up the phone.

Times have changed though.

Over the past 4-5 years, the amount of people turning to social media for customer service has grown substantially. The growth has been so substantial that a recent study found that social media was the preferred channel for customer service:

Social media is the preferred customer service channel

What are the main benefits of using social media for customer service?

With so many companies pushing out their products and services through social media platforms, it only makes sense to manage your customer service through those same channels. After all, if you expect people to buy from you because they saw your product or service on a social media channel, then the least you can…

Paul Thornton - Thursday 19th October 2017

Google Partners Masterclass 2017 in Auckland – our top 3 takeaways

The Google Partners Masterclass 2017 was held on Friday the 6th October in Auckland. This year’s event featured talks and presentations from Richard Flanagan and Martin Curtis from Google AU & NZ and Dave Booth from Cardinal Path.


If this post is too long, you can skip straight to my summary at the bottom but if you have 5 minutes, make sure you read some of the details on the upcoming developments; there are some exciting things coming our way!

Mobile-First Index

One thing that wasn’t really touched upon is the upcoming move to the mobile-first index which is expected to happen early in 2018. This move will have huge ramifications for digital marketers around the world and you can read more about it in our recent blog post.

Despite us not yet rolling out with the mobile-first index the conference did focus on the transition from a mobile-first to an…

Paul Thornton - Tuesday 3rd October 2017

How Will the Mobile-First Google Index Impact SEO?

Google is rolling out some big changes in the upcoming months. While these new algorithm changes won’t exactly be a direct hit on ranking, it’s still affected.

Knowing that 60% of searches now come from mobile devices, Google is creating a new update. They’re now rolling out a “mobile-friendly” Google index.

What exactly does all this mean? We’ll explain what this means for your website and how you can get prepared. Let’s get into it!

What is The Mobile-First Google Index?

Indexing, for starters, is when web pages are added to a Google search. Much like the index at the end of a reference book, all searches related to that subject or category will appear.

For desktops, all websites and pages on it are crawled by Google and then indexed. Now with this new update, websites optimised for mobile take priority.

Why? With a large number of searches conducted through mobile devices, it…


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