We can get great returns on your investment on Google Ads – we don’t charge a high margin and we don’t tie you into long contracts.

Account setup

Advanced keyword research

Create PPC Ads & text copies

Split texts Ads/landing pages

Bid & campaign managment

Periodical reporting

Campaign ROI analysis & maintenance

Google advertising can sometimes seem like a minefield. Luckily we’ve got the inside scoop. With experience as a Google Partner, we know exactly how to increase the ROI of your paid ads.

We have experience getting our clients’ positive returns from Google Ads long before it was called Google Ads – when it was called Google Adwords. We take the hassle out of running PPC / SEM / Paid Media campaigns (whatever you want to call them!) and get positive ROI for our clients.

Goal identification​

We start with your campaign goals, assess what you want to achieve and work a plan out from there. We don’t have a minimum spend, or any bands, we look at your goals and work on how we achieve them and the spend (and networks) required to achieve them. There is no right or wrong budget – many of our clients start conservatively and grow their investment as they start to get ROI that they then reinvest and grow their budgets.

As part of identifying the goals, we identify the conversion goals. This can include sales, average order values, individual products and target markets, completed lead forms, adding phone tracking and assessing thank you pages and checkout processes.

Search phrase research

The next step is to find what keywords will help us achieve the goals identified. We can get you a much better return on your investment by focusing on really specific terms, rather than really well-searched for head terms. That doesn’t mean to say that the more searched for terms (head terms) aren’t important, but they often don’t convert as well. Our focus is purely on maximising your ROI so the focus on less-searched, really specific terms is what can drive this.

There is no minimum or maximum number of keywords – it is totally dependent on your goals and will be individual to your product and market. It is also dependent on the search volume of each of those terms and the budget you have so that we maximise the impression share available and don’t leave any potential visitors on the table.

We also manage Google Shopping campaigns so if you have an e-commerce website and are shipping physical products, this is a great way to get your products across to potential buyers.

Campaign creation​

We organise the search phrases into relative ad groups and create enticing copy to convince your potential customers to click. We also consider the pages that you have on your website and which would be sufficient to be landing pages or if there is a requirement for any new pages. We can assist with the development of landing pages, or we can help to brief your design team.

In order to ensure that we can maximise your ROI, we will implement conversion tracking on your website, so that we can track what goals, conversions, and revenue are coming from the campaign. Adding Google Ads code can also help us look at retargeting so that we can push display ads towards those that have visited but perhaps haven’t bought.

Campaign go live and iteration

The campaign going live is just the first step! To get the most from your campaign we constantly monitor the performance across your entire account, down to keywords, ads, campaign, market, country and even down to individual products. We are able to build Google Data Studio interfaces for you to log in and see what is happening in real time. Everything is transparent – the account is yours, you have access whenever you require it and nothing is hidden.

Every month we go through your account, optimising what is working and tweaking, or even pausing, what isn’t working in order to increase your returns. We undertake regular reporting so that you always know what is happening with your account and where your money is going and what it is achieving.

Is there a minimum monthly spend I should have?

Officially, the minimum you can spend is about $30 per week on Google Ads. However, with a budget of less than $1000 per month, we feel that the fees that we charge in order to make your account work well are too much for your budget. However, it’s totally dependent on your market and your budget.

If you are in a competitive space where CPCs (cost per click) are high – for example, $8 per click upwards – then you need to have a daily budget that can cater for these CPCs. There’d be no point in having a daily budget of $8 as at best, you’d get 1 click per day and Google wouldn’t even bother showing your ads after the initial learning phase.

Do I need to have the same budget every month?

No, not at all! We don’t contractually obligate our clients to spend a minimum per month – if you want to pause for a time then that’s also fine.

Our focus is on maximising your ROI – if you sell sunglasses, there’d be no point in us pushing you to spend budget in the winter months, you would be better served to have a high budget in summer and drop the budget over winter. Again, it’s down to the goals that you have and optimising your budget in order to hit (and beat) those goals.

How does the budget work?

The Google Ads system works on a daily budget. When we discuss goals with clients we look at a monthly budget and then work that back. Because we allocate budgets to individual campaigns, we aim to control what gets the different levels of budget which is aimed at getting that maximum return on your investment. However, this requires us to be looking at the account all the time to ensure that the budget is being spent correctly.

Can I be overcharged?

Unfortunately, yes. Even though we set a daily budget for each campaign, Google states that they can overspend on your behalf by 100%. This is not ideal when you are expecting a bill of $5,000 and get a bill for $10,000. However, because we are constantly managing and optimising your account, we aim to spend as close to the exact amount as possible.

If Google has overspent during the month, you may see in your report that there was a drop in traffic towards the end of the month as we focus on getting that monthly spend as accurate as possible. Alternatively, you may choose to increase your budget and spend the same amount towards the end of the month as you are getting great returns.

Can I see all the ad creative that you create?

Of course! As we mentioned earlier, the account is yours and nothing is hidden. We can grant you access to the account, and we include within our reporting the ads, keywords and campaigns that are working the best and what isn’t working as well. You are the experts in your business, so if you have feedback, we welcome it!

What is the Google Display Network?

The Google Display Network comprises around 2 million websites to which you can push display ads. We optimise this for our clients so that your ads appear in the most relevant places in order to generate conversion. Google also owns YouTube so you can also advertise banners or video ads on YouTube.

Isn’t Google Ads a waste of money? I tried it before and it didn’t work

When we hear this, the root cause is due to either running campaigns in-house without the proper knowledge of how to run a Google Ads campaign, or having a bad experience with a high volume, low agency. You can burn through money really fast on Google Ads if you don’t know what you’re doing.

However, when done properly, returns can be from 2x to 20x ad spend – dependent on the market. There’s a reason why Google generated $280 billion in 2022 from Ads – because they work. But only when done properly!

In 5 years we reduced the CPC by 60% and saw an increase in visits by 2,200%.