SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

Search engine optimisation is about more than just understanding Google. It’s about understanding your customers and prospects and the information they want to find when they enter a search query.

We make it our job to understand your customers. Then we create SEO strategies that make sure your website delivers the best possible results for a customer searching for your products and services. If you’re looking for SEO services in Auckland, across New Zealand or even overseas, we work with clients both locally and internationally, delivering what matters most: ROI.

Google only loves you when everyone else loves you first.

Wendy Piersall

SEO in Auckland

Deciding where to spend your hard-earned marketing budget is always tricky. Do you go with the big name, big reputation (big price) hotshots or do you give the little guys a try?

When it comes to SEO companies in Auckland, we’re not the biggest but we’re growing quickly and we’re delivering big results. We have clients that have been on our books since we started up, way back in 2010 so you could say we’re in it for the long term.

When you work with Digital Hothouse, it’s like adding an SEO team to your own department. We love to work closely with our clients and give a personal service that not many other SEO agencies can offer.

We’re based right here in Auckland but we also love to travel. Whether you’re an Auckland-based company looking for an Auckland-based SEO agency, or you’re simply looking for an SEO agency that gets results, you’ve come to the right place.

However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results

Sir Winston Churchill

SEO Strategy

There’s doing SEO and then there’s being strategic about it. We like to take the latter approach. We have a deep understanding of Google’s ranking signals – there are over 200 of them and it’s important to understand which will have the biggest impact on the search engine results and your ability to rank well. By understanding the signals, we can measure the performance of your website and put in place strategies that help to increase your visibility and ultimately your bottom line.

Don’t get bamboozled by a fancy strategy document. Sure, we have a nice template but the key page on our strategy document is the ‘Results’ page, not the fancy front cover.

Our SEO strategies are bespoke to the clients we work with. There is no ‘one size fits all approach’ with us like with many big agencies. Think of us as part of your team.

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Hope is not a strategy

Barrack Obama

Technical SEO

Some SEO tactics seem pretty straightforward. Create awesome content and an amazing user experience and you should be fine. However, as a famous American president once said “Hope is not a strategy”. The technical elements of SEO are more important now than ever and leave nothing to hope and everything to our ability to optimise your website. Making sure search engines can access your site, access things quickly and index your content is crucial.

We know how important content is to your SEO strategy but for us, getting the technical elements of your website spot on is the foundation work. We constantly monitor every technical aspect to ensure your content has the best possible chance of ranking and driving traffic to your site.

We have SEO experience across a number of different platforms - Wordpress, Shopify, Laravel, Magento, Craft and more including working with your development team on custom CMS platforms, such as Microsoft .NET.

Engaging Content

Building on top of the solid foundation is your content. No matter how good your keyword research or the number of links pointing to your site, if your content is not engaging then you’re not going to convert. Simple as.

We have years of experience both creating and commissioning great content that we know engages. We look at trends and analyse the type of content that works for your audience. Then we work harder to make sure yours is better than the rest.

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SEO is powerful precisely because it’s hard to predict and hard to measure.

Rand Fishkin Wizard of Moz

Local SEO

As more and more people use a mobile to carry out searches, appearing in the local search space is more important than ever. We work with clients who have locations throughout New Zealand, and others who are working in markets across the world.

Understanding the local markets, languages and people plays a big part in improving your local presence. The other part? You guessed it – the technical set up.


The best place to hide a dead body is the second page of Google search.


The full package

As a full-service Digital Marketing Agency, we’re able to provide a much more complete service. We have expertise and experience in social media, content marketing, web design, conversion rate optimisation, analytics, search engine marketing (SEM) and obviously search engine optimisation. Make sure you check out our ‘Meet the Team’ pages and get to know us a bit more - we don't think you’ll be disappointed by what you find.

One thing we don’t do is promise you ‘X’ amount of keywords ranking on the first page on Google. Don’t get us wrong, we tend to get lots of keywords ranking on the first page of Google because that’s what we do, but we need to understand your business first and then work with you to create the content that will drive those visitors and those fantastic search results that everyone out there is looking for.

Why Digital Hothouse?

  • Small Agency, big on ideas
  • We invest in industry-leading tools
  • We're like an extra member of your team
  • We know our onions
  • We call a spade a spade
  • We make your dollars go further

No bullshit.