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Search Engine Optimisation is what we do. It’s about knowing your customers and prospects and the information they want to find.

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Our 25+ years of experience in SEO have taught us not to promise clients “X” number of keywords ranking on the first page of Google in the first six months. SEO simply doesn’t work like that. Instead, we focus on the keywords that are the best fit for your business and the ones your customers are most likely to be searching and make sure your website is the one that best answers those queries.

It all starts with an SEO Audit. This is our chance to learn more about your business, your industry, and your customers and ensure we deliver the best possible outcomes when it comes to organic performance.

Sometimes your budget won’t stretch to a monthly contract for SEO, however, with our SEO Services, you can still get the best advice when it comes to maximising your organic performance and when the dollars start rolling in, we can talk some more.

It’s incredible how powerful link outreach is for SEO. Despite some of the negative press over the years, when done right, it is an essential tactic in any SEO strategy and something we have a lot of experience in, working with leading multinational brands.

If you’re a local business, local SEO is an essential part of your overall digital marketing strategy. The transformation from digital to physical and getting people in through the shop door is a key component when it comes to growing your business on and offline.

Every Content Management System is different when it comes to SEO and Shopify has quickly become one of the biggest CMS platforms in the world. We specialise in SEO for Shopify and have a number of clients who are reaping the rewards of the work we have carried out to optimise their sites.

WordPress is the most popular Content Management System in the world and we have been working with clients on WordPress for more than a decade – we even use it for our own site! We are experienced in optimising WordPress sites, maximising your organic potential and driving more traffic to your WordPress site.


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What is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)?

Search engine optimisation is the process of improving your website to increase its visibility when people search for products and/or services related to your business in search engines such as Google or Bing. SEO covers many bases including technical SEO, the content on your website and the way external websites link to your website.

Will SEO help to grow my business online?

Absolutely. There are very few businesses in the world that wouldn’t benefit from SEO and we are proud to work with some of New Zealand’s leading brands to deliver outstanding organic results and more importantly, ROI.

Improving the overall visibility of your website in the search results means getting more of the keywords that are relevant to your business ranking on the first page and more importantly, in the top three.

Why is SEO so important?

A recent study found that on average, 53% of website traffic comes from organic search. That’s over half of your traffic coming from people searching on Google (or other search engines). If you are not ranking for the keywords that are the most relevant to your business, you are potentially missing out on hundreds or even thousands of prospective customers.

According to research from Backlinko, the number one ranking website in the search results in Google has an average click through rate (CTR) of 27.6%. This means the #1 organic result is 10x more likely to receive a click compared to a website ranking in #10. When done right, SEO has the power to unlock your CTR potential, pushing more keywords into the top three and driving more prospective customers to your website.

What about my competitors that are also doing SEO?

The reality is that all your competitors are likely to be doing some form of SEO. That means, if you’re either not doing SEO, or you’re not doing it well, you are going to keep falling further behind.

The job of a good SEO agency is to ensure that the work being carried out on your website is better than the work being done by your competitors. This means keeping a close eye on what they are doing and ensuring you stay one step ahead.

SEO is a competitive business. It’s important that you work continuously to improve the way customers find information on your website as well as delivering the content that best meets their needs.

How many number one ranking keywords can I expect when I do SEO?

Sadly, SEO doesn’t work like that. Whilst we would love to promise that you will rank in the number one position for all the keywords we are targeting, we would be setting ourselves up to fail. That’s because your competitors are also carrying out SEO on their sites and sometimes they do things that work really well.

Whilst we will also be doing lots of great work, the nature of organic search results is that rankings fluctuate. Whilst you might be ranking in the first position one day, someone might publish a new piece of content that Google likes the look of the next, knocking you off the top spot.

All of our work with our clients is towards consistency. We don’t promise number one rankings but we do work towards consistently ranking on the first page. Then consistently in the top 5 of the first page. Then consistently in the top 3 and finally consistently in first place.. Our results speak for themselves as you can see from the results above and the case studies below.

What keywords should I target?

Ranking for the right keywords is the key to success with SEO. Keyword search volume is important but it is also important that you are targeting keywords that are relevant to your business as these are the ones that will lead to conversions.

Keyword research helps us to identify the best keywords for your business and then allows us to create high quality content that targets those keywords, enabling you to rank higher in the search results.

Identifying the search terms that your potential customers are searching for is a key component of our work and part of our SEO Auditing process.

How quickly can I expect to see results from SEO?

SEO is a long-term game and you shouldn’t expect to see immediate results in terms of rankings. If you have an SEO agency that promises you quick results, think twice about working with them as it’s too good to be true. We always tell our clients and prospects that it can take anywhere from three months to a year to deliver the results we would like from SEO. There are times when we are pleasantly surprised when it takes less time to achieve outstanding results but we always find it is better to under promise and over deliver.

The truth is, the speed at which you can expect to achieve results from SEO depends on so many factors that it is impossible for any agency to predict how quickly you can expect results. Factors including the competitiveness of your industry, your existing content, the length of time that your website has been around, how many links point to your site, how the site is built technically and the content you have on your site already are all crucial components and impact on how quickly you can expect results.

Our case study below shows how quickly we achieved results for one client, this was an exceptional win for the client and something we continue to build on with the client.

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