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UX (User Experience) Design

Our UX Design process creates products and websites that provide meaningful and relevant experiences to users. It encompasses a wide range of design activities, including user research, prototyping, testing, and refining designs to ensure they meet user needs and expectations, as well as business goals.

The goal of our UX designers is to create products that are both useful and enjoyable to use, fostering user engagement and customer loyalty. Good UX design can improve brand image, increase customer satisfaction and loyalty, and ultimately drive business success.

UI (User Interface) Design

Our UI designers are responsible for the look and feel of digital products. They create visually appealing and intuitive user interfaces that make it easy and efficient for users to interact with the product. They’re work involves designing graphical user interfaces, typography, colour schemes, and visual elements such as icons, buttons, and other interactive components.

They’re goal is to create a seamless user experience that is aesthetically pleasing and meets the needs of both users and the business. they work closely with UX designers, developers, and stakeholders to ensure that the final product meets their expectations and delivers an outstanding user experience.


We build, create and maintain websites and web applications. Our work involves several stages, starting with planning, design and moving on to development, testing, deployment and maintenance. We utilise a variety of programming languages, tools and frameworks to create dynamic, interactive and responsive websites that run seamlessly on various devices and browsers.

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, as well as server-side scripting and database management helps us create functional, accessible, and engaging websites that meet the needs of both users and businesses. Our goal is to create websites that deliver an outstanding user experience.

Project management

Our project managers oversee the planning, execution, and closing of web projects. They work closely with cross-functional teams including designers, developers, and stakeholders to ensure projects are delivered on-time, within scope, and within budget. We use project management methodologies such as Agile and Waterfall to plan, track and control project progress, and regularly communicate project status to stakeholders.

We also identify and manage project risks, ensuring that mitigation plans are in place to minimise impact on project deliverables. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that web projects are delivered successfully, meeting the needs of both users and the business.

Ongoing support

Our ongoing web support is responsible for ensuring that websites and web applications run smoothly and efficiently after their launch. This involves monitoring website performance, fixing bugs, and making updates to the site as necessary. We work closely with stakeholders to understand their needs and make recommendations for improvements.

We also maintain website security to prevent hacking or other security breaches. Our goal is to provide excellent customer service and support, ensuring that websites and web applications are always available and performing at their best. We aim to proactively identify and resolve any issues before they become problems, maintaining a positive user experience and keeping stakeholders happy.

How much does a website cost?

How long is a piece of string! Everything we do at Digital Hothouse is bespoke, so it totally depends on your requirements. We start with a sitemap, engage our design team, and then create a custom build. A fairly basic website starts around $14,000 and we have also built $100,000 and $200,000 websites.

How long does it take for the website to be completed?

Normally around 3 months or so. We spend a few weeks up front with you getting a specification for exactly what you are looking for and creating a website hierarchy. We then work on design. Once you’re happy with that, we move to development and we work with you on getting the website content and loading it onto the website. Then we spend a couple of weeks testing prior to launch.

Why are you so expensive?

We don’t think we are, but nothing we do comes from templates bought on the internet for $50. Everything is designed and developed specifically for you so the result should delight you and work for your business goals. Not working your goals around the templates that are available.

Do I have to pay up front?

No, we generally split up a payment plan into 3 sections. Website deposit, payment upon design sign off, and payment upon development completion. It’s normally 40:30:30, but we’re very flexible.

Can you host the website?

Of course. We will even throw in free hosting and free WordPress Core and Plugin updates for the first 3 months.

Will you create the copy for us?

We certainly can! It’s not a standard part of our build, but our SEO and copy team, can create the content for your website. Just let us know when we scope it and we can include it for you.

Do I get SEO as part of the website?

Every website we build has SEO at the heart of it. We are primarily an SEO agency, so we ensure that all fundamentals are taken care of. However, the best scenario is for us to include SEO within the build, so that means that we will do search phrase research and ensure that you have the right pages and content to target the customers most effectively.

What can hold up the process?

Generally, it’s content! We work with you to get the hierarchy signed off; you have input with the design but we then need to get the content added to the website and it’s often the biggest sticking point getting the right content created. This goes the smoothest when our content team get involved and create that content for you.

Created a new website under a new domain for NEC and drove huge organic traffic.