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Gavin Hirst - Friday 13th May 2022

Why a website redesign could bring you more traffic and conversions

Your website is often the first impression a prospective customer has of your brand. A tired, clunky, or even worse, a site that is difficult to navigate is not the first impression you want to leave.

Whilst you might think your website looks great, it’s important to keep on top of the analytics and understand how it is performing.

Often, websites can get tired without regular updates and redesigns. The way that visitors, including new and returning, interact with the content on your website is hugely impacted by the way it looks and is presented.

Whilst first impressions for new visitors are important, for returning visitors, it’s equally as important to keep things fresh. People can get “blindness” to features and pages on your website if nothing ever changes so it’s important to make regular updates to keep things interesting and fresh.

We are just as guilty as anyone of this. Our website…


Gavin Hirst - Monday 11th October 2021

Is my digital marketing agency any good?

Picking a digital marketing agency is not a straightforward decision. There are so many factors to consider, not least of which is the amount of choice in the market.

And for digital marketing agencies themselves, like Digital Hothouse, our challenge is to ensure that we are delivering the best possible results for our clients, helping us to grow not only our clients’ businesses but also our own business and brand reputation.

But what do good results look like?

There are many ways to measure what good results look like when it comes to the work of your digital marketing agency and so it’s important to set clearly defined goals at the start of the relationship.

For example, if your business is recording the best quarter sales ever from digital, but your agency is hard to get hold of, is that a good result?

Or on the flip side, if your agency is delivering lots…


Paul Thornton - Friday 30th October 2020

The Real Impact Of UX On CRO: The “What” & “Why”

Whenever we discuss website performance, we tend to see a lot of parallels between conversion rate optimisation and user experience. It does seem like CRO and UX are interchangeable as they both seek to help users do things easily and use many of the same tools to achieve that goal. However, they are not one and the same as they also have many differences.

Despite these differences, CRO and UX complement each other very well. Before we find out how these two methodologies work together, let’s learn what UX and CRO are and what they are not.

The Basics Of UX and CRO

To understand how CRO and UX operate together, we need to define each term first. I’ll quickly do that below, so at least we can agree that we’re talking about the same things.


Conversion Rate Optimisation is the process of designing a site that increases the…