Gavin Hirst - Monday 7th March 2022

How to use social media strategically in 2022

It’s rare to find a business today that is not using at least one social media platform to try and promote their business.

With the majority of the world’s population on some form of social media platform, it’s easy to see why social media has become such an integral part of many businesses’ marketing activity, however, one thing we see a lot of here at Digital Hothouse is social media platforms being used ineffectively (and we include some of our own social media activity in this).

In order to be effective, social media needs a strategy. All too often, social media is seen as an additional thing you have to do as part of your marketing activity. It is often disconnected from the rest of your marketing strategy other than a footnote that says, “Share on social media”.

We are sometimes guilty of this ourselves. In times when we get snowed under…


Gavin Hirst - Friday 25th February 2022

What is cannibalisation and how do you fix it?

If you work in SEO and content marketing, cannibalisation is a term you should be familiar with. Whether you discover that you have multiple URLs ranking for the same keyword using a ranking tool like Stat or you use an all-purpose SEO tool like SEMrush, you will no doubt have spotted the potential issues with cannibalisation and the impact this can have on your rankings.

Before we dive into how you fix issues with cannibalisation, let’s first understand exactly what it is.

What is cannibalisation?

Cannibalisation is a situation whereby you have two or more URLs from the same website competing for a keyword or set of keywords. This will, in most cases, lead to none of those URLs performing as well as if you had one dedicated URL that was targeting the keyword or set of keywords.

Whilst in a very small number of cases, you might find that both (or…


Gavin Hirst - Friday 18th February 2022

Customer service is the responsibility of everyone in your business

In a post that moves away from our traditional focus on SEO and content marketing, today we want to talk about the importance of customer service and how a negative customer service experience can derail all your efforts across a wide range of areas including content marketing, SEO, product design and development and more.

OK. So, this sounds pretty doom and gloomy, however, the truth is, that you can quickly lose a customer that you have fought hard to acquire if you don’t deliver when it comes to customer service. And that doesn’t just apply to your customer service representatives. It applies to everyone that works within your business.

How can poor customer service make such a difference?

A few years ago, I attended the Content Marketing World conference in Cleveland, USA. It was a fantastic conference with many amazing speakers from around the world, however, one of my absolute…