Gavin Hirst - Friday 25th September 2020

Title Tag Best Practices for SEO

I recently came across a great article from Cyrus Shepard on the Moz Blog which talked about the way we optimise Title Tags and suggested there may be better ways of doing things, especially if we include a lot of ‘additional’ stuff in them.

This additional ‘stuff’ includes things like your brand name or repeating text that appears across multiple pages such as categories.

If you include this type of copy in your Title Tags, you’re not alone.

There are very few websites that don’t include their brand name in the Title Tag for example. For many of us, it just feels like the right thing to do to make it clear to potential visitors that they are clicking through to a specific brand’s website.

Boilerplate content is also common, especially on large e-commerce sites. Often, it can prove to be too time-consuming to write unique page titles for every product on…


Gavin Hirst - Monday 21st September 2020

5x Content Marketing Habits you need to succeed

Content marketing is not simply something you can pick up and be great at.

Content marketing is made up of so many facets – copywriting, video production, graphic design – the list goes on.

Being a good content marketer is about more than just being a good copywriter or designer. Great content marketing is not about one-off tactics. It’s a long term, strategic approach and if you want to be successful at content marketing, you need to hone certain habits that will ensure that every piece of content has a specific focus on quality.

To mould your content marketing habits, Marcus Collins, Marketing Professor, University of Michigan Ross School of Business has two broad mantras:

  1. Focus on people
  2. Be consistent

With every piece of content you are working on, these two key areas should be at the forefront of your thinking and these two ‘mantras’ are behind these five key habits every content…


Gavin Hirst - Thursday 17th September 2020

What came first, the content or the SEO?

Google has had a major impact on the approach of many marketers to content and SEO.

Many marketers believe that high-quality content leads to great rankings because Google places such a big emphasis on quality.

However, answer me this – do you always find the highest quality content ranking at the top of the search results?

I thought not.

Sure, great content does often appear at the top of the search results; however, you will also find a fair amount of what appears to be fairly mediocre content ranking up there too.

So, how does mediocre content end up at the top and why do so many high-quality content pages fail to crack the first page?

The simple answer: better SEO.

How did we get to thinking it’s all about quality content?

Let’s rewind a little here.

At what point did we start to believe that high-quality content was the gateway to high rankings?

It probably started…