Gavin Hirst - Friday 13th November 2020

9 key questions you should ask every customer

If you’re not asking questions of your current customers, you’re really missing an opportunity to get some valuable feedback about your products, services, and importantly, your customer service.

There is no better audience for feedback than your existing customers. Understand what it is you do well as well as the things you could be doing better can really help you to build on your competitive advantage and plug any potential gaps, both in terms of your product/service offering, but also in terms of how you can better serve the needs of your customers.

Whilst reviews are a great way of tapping into customer feedback, why not control the conversation and the feedback you are getting by asking direct questions? That way, you get feedback on all the specific areas that are important to you and your business. That way, you can find out which areas are giving you a competitive advantage…


Gavin Hirst - Wednesday 11th November 2020

13 digital marketing hacks to make your life easier

I’m not 100% sure when a ‘hack’ became a good thing but according to popular opinion, it seems that writing about ‘hacks’ means you are providing people with some sort of shortcut to success.

I’m not here to promise you that.

What I am here to say is that by following these 13 ‘hacks’ or tips, you should be able to work more efficiently and do more with your time.

The focus of this post is on digital marketing hacks and if, like me, you work in digital marketing, some of these tips can save you valuable time and energy each and every day depending on how many clients you are working with.

1.      Use your data on a regular basis

I can’t oversell the value of data. If you are not both collecting and using data to inform all of your digital marketing decisions, then you are not working as efficiently as you…


Gavin Hirst - Thursday 5th November 2020

Do you need a blog? 5 key benefits for your business

With an estimated 4 million blog posts published every single day, it may seem like we are already at a saturation point when it comes to blogging, however, don’t let the numbers put you off. All blog posts are definitely not created equal.

Of those estimated 4 million daily blog posts published, how many do you think are actually adding value to the reader? My guess? A very small percentage.

So, the question about whether you need a blog or not comes down to this – can you add real value to your customers and prospective customers by creating content that is published through your blog? If the answer is yes, then you should 100% consider setting up a blog for your business.

We wanted to look at 5 key benefits of a business blog when done for all of the right reasons.

1.      Drive traffic to your website

If you are a relatively…