eg. Facebook or Google Analytics

Gavin Hirst - Wednesday 5th February 2020

What is the best way to track organic conversions?

At the outset, this question seems pretty simple. Google Analytics is surely the best way to track organic conversions right?

Well, yes and no is the answer to that.

There is no doubting that Google Analytics (GA) is the most commonly used tool for tracking organic conversions. It’s also true that GA does a great job at providing information about organic conversions.

The real question at hand is not so much to do with the tool you use to measure your organic conversions, but what it is that you exactly want to measure and at what stage of a user’s journey does that path to conversion begin?

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is undoubtedly the go-to tool for SEOs when it comes to tracking traffic and measuring conversions.

It’s simple to set up and best of all, it’s a free tool.

The set up process is pretty straightforward. Add some code to your site, determine some goals…


Gavin Hirst - Saturday 1st February 2020

Why paid search is an important part of your digital mix

For many businesses, paid search is still a no-go area. For some, they can be put off by high costs, especially in competitive markets where average CPCs for keywords can quickly spiral and eat into your budget. For others, there can be a reluctance if the business is not an e-commerce site. With nothing to ‘sell’ online, there is sometimes no perceived value for websites with no transactional conversion.

We’re here to bust a few of those myths and explain why paid search is such an important part of the digital mix no matter what sector you are based.

Paid search is taking up more real estate

As an SEO agency primarily, the fact that paid search is taking up more real estate can be a bit of a bugbear, however, it does present more opportunities for clients to appear in search through new paid features.

Google Ads seems to be constantly expanding…


Gavin Hirst - Tuesday 21st January 2020

5 of our favourite Social Media tips for 2020

If you manage social media profiles for your own company, or you work for an agency managing social media profiles for a client, you know how tricky it can be to maintain your mojo when it comes to creating and delivering engaging content on a daily basis.

Depending on the niche you work in, coming up with creative ideas to engage your audience can be one of the most challenging and time-consuming tasks you undertake.

Your audience on social media is demanding. They want to be entertained and if your content doesn’t grab their attention, it’s a quick flick of the finger and your post is history. Creating content plans for entertaining or educating content can be a struggle. With clients in sectors like dentistry and shipping containers, we know how hard it can be to come up with new ideas.

Thankfully over time, we have refined our strategies and tuned ourselves…