Gavin Hirst - Tuesday 27th October 2020

What is digital customer experience and why you should prioritise it

Customer experience, in its simplest definition, is the experience your customers have with your brand.

Customer experience really helps to shape the reputation your business has with your customers. Whether it’s a face-to-face interaction, the cleanliness of your restaurant or an email a customer receives to tell them about an upcoming offer, every potential interaction with a customer can impact on their experience of your brand.

When it comes to digital customer experience, there are now more potential touchpoints with your business than ever before. And sometimes, those touchpoints are ones that are not even under your control but can still have a positive or negative impact on a customer’s experience with your brand so it’s important to understand all of the potential digital touchpoints and ensure you are managing every one of them effectively.

What is digital customer experience?

We’ve already talked about the basic definition of customer experience and to some…


Gavin Hirst - Wednesday 7th October 2020

Content is everything in a post-COVID world – what should you focus on?

In a world saturated with content, it would almost seem like the last thing we should be recommending is that everyone focusses on creating more content…but that’s exactly what we are recommending.

COVID-19 has impacted on every business in every sector. For most, the impact has been a negative one and has required an urgent shift in strategy to tackle the new challenges faced within their sector. For a few, there has been some positives, especially those that were already performing well in the online space.

One of the biggest changes that many businesses face is a change in marketing strategies. Businesses that usually focused most of their budget on in-person trade shows have had to rethink their entire strategy. Even those who focus on direct response ads on platforms like Facebook or LinkedIn have seen declining conversion rates.

Marketing for many businesses needs to change and needs to change now…


Gavin Hirst - Wednesday 30th September 2020

How to improve your internal linking

Do you feel like you have done everything you can to optimise your site or even a specific page on your site, but you can’t seem to crack the top three for certain queries?

It’s a challenge that we all face in SEO. You have done everything you can from a technical perspective and your content is really strong and well-optimised for your target keywords, however, you’re not seeing any movement in terms of rankings.

Once you hit this plateau, it can often be tricky to uncover new tactics that can help to push you into those all-important top three positions within the search results without simply repeating the same things, even though they are clearly not working.

That’s where internal linking can really make a big difference.

What are internal links?

Internal Links are hyperlinks that point at the same domain as the domain that the link exists on. In layman’s terms,…