Gavin Hirst - Saturday 10th October 2015

Panda and thin content – what’s the deal?

We reported in the Digital Hothouse blog back in July that Google had started the roll out of the Panda 4.2 algorithm update but that it was going to take some time to complete the full roll out. Fast forward 4 months and it appears as though the update is still rolling out with many sites who have previously been hit by a Panda penalty still showing no signs of recovery so what gives? Is there still time to fix up any Panda related issues (if you haven’t done it by now, what have you been doing!!)? And what does the future look like for those who have not recovered from a Panda Penalty?

Removing low quality pages or fix them up?

Jennifer Slegg of The SEM Post recently reported on an interesting Twitter conversation with Gary Illyes from Google regarding the best way of dealing with ‘thin’ content which…

Gavin Hirst - Tuesday 8th September 2015

The great mobile optimisation check list – your guide to optimising for mobile

Ever since the roll out of Google’s mobile friendly algorithm on April 21st, we have been working closely with clients and prospects to make sure their sites are optimised for mobile. The new algorithm, dubbed by some as ‘Mobilegeddon’ basically now includes an element that considers mobile friendliness within the ranking algorithm – if your site is not considered mobile friendly, then you are not going to rank as well for keywords as those sites that are.

Optimising for mobile however is more than just creating a responsive or mobile specific site; optimising for mobile is to consider the user experience on a mobile device and optimise the way your site functions to make that experience the best possible experience whilst delivering high quality content. The content will not change much from desktop to mobile, a key part of any SEO strategy, however the way it is delivered on a…

Gavin Hirst - Wednesday 2nd September 2015

Google launches new logo – the jury’s still out!

Google announced yesterday that they were once again ‘changing things up’ with the launch of their new logo. The logo will be rolled out across all of Google’s products and you can already see the changes in the form of a Google Doodle on Google sites around the world. Other early adopters of the logo include Google+ as you will see from the images below.

Scouring the blogs and various news articles about the launch, it would seem that the jury is still out on this one but we would love to know what you think. Check out the timeline of Google’s evolution below as they cover the last 17 years in just 1m 58s:

Here is the official line from Google about the change which can be found on their blog:

“So why are we doing this now? Once upon a time, Google was one destination…

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