Gavin Hirst - Thursday 21st April 2016

Mobile is the future but it’s not all about smartphones

Here at Digital Hothouse, we’re huge advocates of mobile-first thinking. We have seen the trends over time. Mobile is outgrowing desktop usage and is now responsible for close to 60% of all internet traffic. In a recent blog post for Moz, Eric Enge of Stone Temple Consulting looked into some interesting trends that show that whilst mobile is on the rise, it’s not just smartphones and tablets that we need to focus on.

Smartphones, tablets and desktop

When we talk about ‘mobile’ we have traditionally referred to smartphones or tablets as opposed to desktop usage but over the past 2-3 years, what we should be thinking of as mobile has drastically changed. The rise of smart TVs, wearables and the internet of things has changed the way that we as digital marketers should think about our content and how it is going to be consumed. This chart below…

Gavin Hirst - Thursday 7th April 2016

Link building has evolved – have you?

This week, Moz published their annual ‘State of Link Building Survey Results’ and the results support what we have been saying for some time – link building is still as important as ever so don’t stop! Whilst link building is definitely still important, this doesn’t mean we should do it the ways it’s always been done – that would be silly. Link building has evolved and we need to make sure that the way we build links also changes.

To view the Moz survey results, click here.

The role of content marketing and link building

For many, content marketing was seen as the ‘replacement’ for link building. Prior to the Penguin algorithm launch in 2012, link building had a pretty dodgy reputation – link farms, spammy links and black hat techniques to ‘trick’ Google into thinking your site was one of authority. Penguin certainly put a big stop to a lot…

Gavin Hirst - Friday 11th March 2016

Your guide to mastering Local SEO

With the recent changes to the Google search results pages, we take a look at the importance of Local SEO and whether the changes to the SERPs mean you should be dedicating more of your time to Local SEO.

Google SERP update recap

In case you missed our blog on this, Google recently made a significant change to the SERPs, removing the Ads from the right hand side of the page and adding an extra advert to the top of the page on ‘commercial’ search terms, meaning there are now potentially four adverts at the top of the page before a user sees an organic search result.

You can read more about this change here.

What does this mean for local search results?

Whether this change is the catalyst or you just need to look at your local SEO, now’s the time to do it. With more and more searches taking place on…