Paul Thornton - Saturday 8th September 2012

Digital Hothouse in the media – again!

Recently I was invited to write for a new publication speaking to entrepreneurs in New Zealand – cunningly titled, “NZ Entrepreneur”.

Well, it’s hot off the press and in my first article for them I’m writing about the best ways of purchasing a website. There are many pitfalls associated with getting a new website, be it your first, or updating an old one and this article will show you how best to go about it.

The full first issue of NZ Entrepreneur, can be found here

Paul Thornton - Wednesday 20th June 2012

Car Rental online in New Zealand

With rising petrol prices and falling overseas visitor numbers, (most especially the lucrative longer-term visitor from the Northern Hemisphere), having fallen away in recent times, the car rental industry is one that has found itself under a lot more pressure in recent times.

Against this backdrop then, is the need to be as competitive as possible – part of this of course is directly related to service and product offerings, pricing and brand positioning. Another very significant part of this, and one recognised by most of the major players, is the ability to compete online. With literally hundreds of thousands of searches in NZ alone for rental cars each month, the online environment is very obviously a hugely significant way in which potential customers are seeking out information.

Image of a Kiwi Crossing sign from the roadside in New Zealand


We all understand…

Paul Thornton - Friday 15th June 2012

Penguin Update Analysis – are you safe?

Google’s latest algorithm update, Penguin, has had a dramatic effect on many website owners. As with all algorithm changes put out by Google, there are many websites out in the cold with huge drops in traffic but not knowing why.

There was 1 key observation across the SEO industry about the websites that were hit the hardest:

Practically all the sites which got negatively hit by Penguin had a major keyword as the anchor text for over 60% of the links coming into the website.

This means that if you have a broad link pattern with many different keywords used as anchor text, you are unlikely to have seen a drop in rankings. However, if you focus on 1 business area and all of your links contain the same Anchor Text, then you probably are, and will be in trouble.

For example, a big focus for Digital Hothouse is SEO. If we…