Paul Thornton - Wednesday 13th June 2012

Calculating the Value of SEO a.k.a “Is it worth it?”

Lower marketing budgets, greater demands on ROI and so forth are old news, and I suspect that many of the realities of the business environment post-GFC are here to stay. But this is all covered regularly and extensively by far smarter economic minds than mine, so I’ve no intention (phew!) of trying to cover this except, to say that being able to predict ROI on marketing spend before actually spending any money, is probably even more valuable now than it ever has been.

So let’s talk about how we do this: it’s not that hard at all and doesn’t require complex algorithms, a team of Business Analysts, or a degree in Advanced Statistics. (In fairness, I don’t know if you can actually get a degree in that last one, but bearing in mind you can do a degree in Klingon, I suspect it’s not that unlikely).

We’ve been doing this for…

Paul Thornton - Friday 1st June 2012

It’s data Jim, but not as we know it

It’s data Jim, but not as we know it!

I am, I guess, reasonably analytical by nature but that doesn’t mean that I’m a huge fan of massive spreadsheets and complex data analysis – anyone who knows me well will laugh at the idea of that I’m sure. In fact, for those of you who are familiar with the Meyers-Briggs personality typing, I tend towards intuition and feeling which is quite the opposite. Which is perhaps a long way round of saying that, even though I’m not by nature data analysis oriented, when it comes to online marketing, and doing business online, I don’t just like data, I LOVE it! Here’s why:

It’s probably fair to say that the most common mistake we see people making online, is just not tracking the right things, so they don’t have the right kind of data to enable proper decisions. It’s a given that…

Paul Thornton - Wednesday 22nd February 2012

Are Graphic Designers killing the web?

This week I read a really interesting post on The Guardian about just this topic (you can have a read here), and it got me thinking. The author obviously set out to be slightly controversial (not unusual for readers of The Guardian) and perhaps takes it slightly to the point of exaggeration, but he does raise a really interesting question and one which we’ve discussed here a few times before. So let’s start with one simple fact: designing websites is not the same as doing graphic design. That’s probably upset a whole load of people, but it’s the truth. My very favourite quote about design is from Steve Jobs who said about design that “’s not just what it looks like and feels like. It’s how it works.”
(I read his biography over Xmas and couldn’t recommend it highly enough. Buy it here)

So let’s think about…