Paul Thornton - Tuesday 22nd November 2011

Adwords: it’s not marketing spend, it’s a cost of sale.

That’s right – stop thinking of Adwords as part of your marketing spend! Would you stop paying one of your sales team from selling more just so you didn’t pay them more bonus in a given month? Or stop your reseller selling products? Of course you wouldn’t, you’d make sure they just kept generating as much business as they could because you know you’re making money on it.

Image of the Google logo with a dollar sign behind representing the value of Google Adwords

That’s the key to it of course, knowing if you’re making money or not. So let’s first make sure we know if we’re making money or not online (see last week’s post for some more detail on this).

So now we should be able to tell exactly how many sales, enquiries, downloads…

Paul Thornton - Monday 14th November 2011

Knowledge is Power – 7 essential steps to discover whether your website is working or not

Inspired by recently reading Seth Godin’s post on Six Questions for Analysing a Website, I thought we’d share something similar with our friends and clients: a list of the things small and medium businesses need to know about their websites.

So often we hear clients, friends, prospects (in fact just about anyone) say that they “think” their website “isn’t working” and I’m willing to bet you’ve probably done the same. What this normally means is that either no one is visiting the website apart from existing customers, or there simply aren’t actually any ways to measure whether it’s working or not. We prefer to know, rather than think, a website is “working” or not, and this is what you need to do in order to really understand what’s going on with your website

1. What are the key actions that you want visitors to your website to take (we…