Paul Thornton - Tuesday 18th October 2011

Facebook Ads

To many of you, Facebook may be seen as only a social media network – keeping up to date with your friend’s lives, posting new developments on your own life etc. However, Facebook is the biggest online marketplace for businesses today.

Have you noticed when you click “like” for anything you enjoy, join a group or page, even updating your status, you will instantly see ads on the side related to what you just liked! It seems scary and some may debate that it is an invasion of privacy and there shouldn’t be a place for it on such social media networks. But with 750 million members worldwide and 2,069,480 in NZ alone (#56 in the world), there’s a large audience to reach and target. Such ads also benefit consumers – sales, deals, exclusive Facebook offers – the ads basically come to you! You don’t have to do any research…