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Yohei Guy - Monday 8th June 2020

How to make a case for content marketing during uncertain times

The recent COVID-19 pandemic has shaken the fabric of society across the world, affecting nearly all aspects of our everyday lives. The way we work, communicate, shop, learn, entertain and more has changed dramatically and people have had to quickly adapt to new situations and circumstances.

Marketers have certainly been no exception to this in facing these challenges. This has come at great cost to many digital marketing projects and strategies that have been paused or cancelled altogether, one of those being content marketing.

Given our passion for content marketing, we thought we’d outline a few strong reasons why content marketing should be a strategy that is persisted with. This is especially true during uncertain times like the one we’re in now which unfortunately may not be the last.

Increase brand awareness

One of the biggest changes in our behaviour as a result of COVID-19 is the dramatic increase in our online activity….


Gavin Hirst - Tuesday 5th May 2020

SEO in a post-COVID-19 world – 9 top tips

We have been mulling over this post since we first heard that New Zealand was going to go into a Level 4 lockdown at the end of March, however finding the right words at the right time is not always easy to do.

We work with many businesses large and small, and not a single one of them has not felt the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. From our clients in the tourism sector who have been hit the hardest to our e-commerce clients who are starting to see a small light at the end of the tunnel, these have been unprecedented times.

For the last month, we have all been trying to get to grips with a different way of living – firstly as humans but also as professionals. Whilst trying to write this post, we have often come up with more questions than answers.

Unprecedented means just that. We have…


Gavin Hirst - Thursday 9th April 2020

How to dominate your branded search in Google

As someone who has worked in SEO for over 10 years, my primary objective for clients has always been to identify and optimise their website for the keywords that are likely to deliver the best ROI.

Whether that’s sales, leads, engagement – whatever the client needs to focus on, we do our keyword research, identify the most important keywords and then optimise the content for those keywords.

One thing that we have traditionally not monitored in our keyword ranking tools is branded search. Most clients don’t want to know that they are ranking well for their own branded keywords – they just expect it, however, this is not always the case.

As Google has tweaked and changed its algorithm over the years, focussing on dominating the search results (SERPs) for your own branded keywords has become more important than ever before.

The biggest difference between a branded keyword and on-branded is intent.

Someone searching…