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Gavin Hirst - Friday 13th May 2022

Why a website redesign could bring you more traffic and conversions

Your website is often the first impression a prospective customer has of your brand. A tired, clunky, or even worse, a site that is difficult to navigate is not the first impression you want to leave.

Whilst you might think your website looks great, it’s important to keep on top of the analytics and understand how it is performing.

Often, websites can get tired without regular updates and redesigns. The way that visitors, including new and returning, interact with the content on your website is hugely impacted by the way it looks and is presented.

Whilst first impressions for new visitors are important, for returning visitors, it’s equally as important to keep things fresh. People can get “blindness” to features and pages on your website if nothing ever changes so it’s important to make regular updates to keep things interesting and fresh.

We are just as guilty as anyone of this. Our website…


Gavin Hirst - Thursday 5th May 2022

Content marketing mistakes to avoid

Content marketing is an integral part of most digital marketing strategies today. Whilst the old adage “content is king” has been used to death, content is certainly an important aspect of your digital marketing efforts.

If you are struggling to make headway with the tactics you are deploying, there may be a few common mistakes you are making that could be preventing you from generating the return on investment you could and should be achieving.

Content marketing is not easy. There are so many aspects to consider, not least of which is deciding where to publish your content and the type of content that will most likely resonate with your audience.

Then you’ve got to find the budget to create this content. Let’s say your audience prefers video content. That’s not something most of us can simply whip up in a few hours, if at all. Whilst a blog post is…


Gavin Hirst - Friday 22nd April 2022

Keyword research using social media platforms

When it comes to keyword research, most of us will turn to tried and trusted tools and methods. Google’s Keyword Planner, SEMrush, Moz, Ahrefs, Answer The Public, and Google Search Console are all great ways of discovering the best keywords to optimise your content for. Add this with SERP research – looking at auto-suggest keywords, People Also Ask and Google Ad copy, and we have a range of tools and methods available to us in order to help us identify the best possible keywords.

One often overlooked tactic, however, is to use social media platforms as a way of identifying the keywords that people are most commonly searching for.

According to the latest research from Statista, in 2022, the average daily social media usage of internet users worldwide amounted to 147 minutes per day, up from 145 minutes in the previous year.

Given the amount of time people spend on social…