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Yohei Guy - Thursday 9th January 2020

Why content clusters and pillars are important for SEO

The idea of content clusters and pillars have been floating around in SEO for a while now and for good reason. In an increasingly competitive landscape, they offer a path to rank for difficult and challenging keywords dominated by strong individual posts.

We thought we’d explore some of the reasons why content clusters and pillars are so important for SEO today.

Organising your content ideas

One of the main benefits of content clusters and pillars is a self-serving one, in that it forces SEO Specialists to consider and organise their ideas in a thoughtful and pragmatic way. Traditionally, one would target high volume/value keywords in isolation, typically via a standalone blog post. With clusters and pillars, a layered approach is required and a hierarchy established.

This naturally forces you to organise your ideas and think carefully about the relationships between them. In doing so, you also improve and bring order to your own…

Yohei Guy - Tuesday 10th December 2019

The power of storytelling – why is brand storytelling important?

Storytelling has been an important part of the human experience since the earliest stages of our own evolution. The ability to tell stories has helped us develop in sociological, cultural and technological ways at a rate beyond any other species on the planet. It is an instinctive function we have that gives us meaning and helps define our own existence in the wider world and greater cosmos.

For these reasons alone, you should feel compelled to utilise the power of storytelling with your brand. To further strengthen the case, we thought we’d add a few more reasons to explain why brand storytelling is so important.

Brands are inanimate without stories

The first thing to recognise is that a brand is an inanimate object without a story. This may serve as an injustice to the quality and craft of your brand’s design but even this can’t be created without a story.

If you’re the…


Gavin Hirst - Friday 29th November 2019

How to prioritise SEO tasks to maximise ROI

It’s very rare to come across a website which not in need of some sort of help when it comes to SEO. Whether that’s technical, content, links or any other of a number of SEO actions most sites need to work on.

When we start working with a new client, we undergo some rigorous auditing to establish a baseline and to understand the key areas that are letting a website down and stopping it from reaching its full potential when it comes to ranking organically. From these audits (technical, keyword research, content, links) we usually come out with a series of recommendations across each of the areas. Sometimes there might be 5 or 6 recommendations under each of the audits, but invariably, there tends to be closer to 15-20 things we would like to work on.

Over time, we have come to understand that most businesses simply do not have the…