Website Design and Development / SEO

Website build and on-going SEO for a multi-national corporation


Digital Hothouse designed and built the NEC NZ website with SEO at the core. Our SEO and content strategy then took NEC New Zealand to market leaders inside of two years.


Content Marketing


Website Design and Development


NEC came to Digital Hothouse for the build of a new NZ-focused website to differentiate themselves from the Japanese corporate structure that they previously had to work within. We designed and built them a fresh, new website with SEO at the core so that SEO dictated the website hierarchy and website structure. The NEC website has grown exponentially since the launch in 2019 and leads in online market share.

It was great working with NEC as we could let our SEO skills and understanding lead the website build, so that the website had the best possible opportunity of leading their market for the main keyword set that we were to work on.

We were able to create a website hierarchy that worked for the internal teams at NEC, but that also worked perfectly for SEO and for user behaviour.

The site launched in 2019, resulting in a 382% rise in traffic in the first year and over a 1,021% increase from 2019 to 2022.

We worked with NEC to setup their Google Analytics and internal CRM so that conversions and leads can be tracked with a focus on ROI at all times.


Increase in Organic Traffic

This project was the perfect example of how Digital Hothouse works in collaboration with our clients. We see ourselves as an extension of the team we are working with, and this was definitely the case with NEC New Zealand.

We were able to take our SEO and content marketing expertise and combine this with the expertise and experience of staff working across the NEC business to write content on a range of complex topics from biometrics to cyber security, block chain to smart cities.

We carried out in-depth research to not only discover the keywords that people are searching for in relation to the key areas of the NEC business, but also to identify topics that people want to learn more about. We then worked collaboratively with experts from across the business to create market leading content that was published on a regular basis to the NEC New Zealand website.

25 out of the top 27 pages viewed are from their Market Leadership section (their content hub) at the time of writing. Their most viewed page is a piece of content marketing that was created by Digital Hothouse in collaboration with NEC New Zealand.

This is a testament to the keyword research that was carried out and the content strategy put in place to help to grow the brand and the business online.

The NEC website ranks for over 750 keywords (not including branded terms). This has led to an increase of traffic by over 1,000% since our first year of working with NEC in 2019. The website has never been stronger than it is today and it has led to more leads and contact forms being completed than ever before.

“We sent Digital Hothouse nothing but a logo, and they created us a market-leading website that we are proud of. They’ve since followed that up with an unprecedented volume of traffic and sales come through the website”

Neille Bonner
Managing Director, NEC New Zealand