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Gavin Hirst - Tuesday 13th July 2021

How to clean up your SEO – 7 steps to improve your SEO

Whether you are a small or large business, it’s likely that your website is growing as quickly as you are. What started out as a simple 10-15 page website has suddenly grown to tens, if not hundreds of pages and during that time, all you have done is added content to the site without ever taking stock of the pages you are adding and the overall impact this is having on your SEO.

Blog posts, product pages, contact pages, promo landing pages – the list of new content that you have created goes on and before you know it, you have a site with hundreds of pages and potentially hundreds of new SEO issues.

Without a clear audit process in place, these SEO issues can quickly get away from you. Keeping up with broken links, duplicate content and messy site structure can quickly go unnoticed as you battle to push…


Gavin Hirst - Wednesday 23rd June 2021

7 simple ways to get more people talking about your business

As SEOs, we are always looking for ways to deliver a competitive advantage for our clients. One of the biggest areas we have been able to deliver for a number of our clients is in the local SEO space. Whilst local SEO has been important for some time now, the proliferation of Google My Business and the rapid rise of local map pack results has made local SEO more important than ever.

The reason why Google places such a strong emphasis on local SEO is that they want to make it easy for people to find local businesses that meet their search requirements. When people search for a product or service, it usually means they are looking to find out more information or make a purchase. Serving up results that show local stores that match that search query delivers an optimum result for users, especially those searching on a…


Gavin Hirst - Thursday 17th June 2021

2021 guide to keyword research for small businesses

Keyword research is a core element of any successful SEO strategy. It’s an ongoing process that impacts on all aspects of your business, not just SEO.

Using the keywords that people use to find your products, services and business throughout all of your marketing channels, including your website, social platforms and paid advertising, ensures you have a consistent voice, and you are reaching out to people using keywords they are familiar with.

If you’re a small business, thinking about keyword research can be daunting, however, it doesn’t have to be. A lot of keyword research is common sense. If you sell blue widgets, then a lot of relevant keywords are going to relate to blue widgets. The key to successful keyword research is to go beyond the head terms like ‘blue widgets’ and uncover all the topically relevant keywords that will make you the authority on blue widgets.

What is keyword…