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475% growth in traffic from SEO in NZ


Betway, a leading UK-based online gambling company, came to Digital Hothouse looking for content creation and link outreach services. Our work contributed to the Betway website growing organic traffic from New Zealand by 475% and a 200% growth in the number of keywords ranking on Page 1 of Google NZ.


Content Marketing

Link Outreach


Betway is one of the world’s leading online gambling websites. With office locations in London, Malta, Guernsey, and Cape Town, they were looking at ways to expand into new and emerging markets, identifying New Zealand and Australia as two key markets for growth. Through content creation and link outreach, Digital Hothouse was engaged to help to build the brand visibility in these two key markets, helping to grow brand awareness and increase their global customer base.

We were able to utilise our link outreach team to identify relevant opportunities in both Australia and New Zealand to obtain links back to the Betway website, specifically focusing on their online casino and sports betting sections on the website.

This meant identifying relevant sports websites that would be interested in linking back to the Betway website and then creating high quality content that would add value to both the target website and Betway.

We created an average of 12x content pieces every month throughout the duration of the contract, earning valuable links to the website and increasing organic traffic.


Organic Traffic Growth

Link outreach is an important SEO tactic for Betway, forming an integral part of their overall SEO strategy. We were delighted that Betway was able to trust Digital Hothouse to deliver this important tactic in Australia and New Zealand and we were able to consistently identify and deliver valuable backlinks to the website.

Link outreach is a crucial SEO tactic and it is one we recommend to all our clients. Whilst the work is time consuming, the results achieved for Betway showcase the possibilities when you target the right websites with high quality content, helping them to grown brand awareness and importantly, organic traffic.

Betway has an extremely aggressive approach to link outreach in Australia and New Zealand and whilst 12x content pieces are not viable for many businesses, targeting relevant websites each month is an important tactic, helping to build the overall domain authority of the website whilst also driving visitors when relevant websites are targeted.

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“We’ve worked with Digital Hothouse since the times of covid - they’ve been able to create some real quality links that really make a difference to where our website ranks and how much organic traffic we’ve been able to generate.”

James Coles
Global SEO Manager, Betway Group