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146% growth in traffic from SEO


Delegat came to Digital Hothouse looking for SEO for their Oyster Bay and Barossa Valley Estate websites. Digital Hothouse has achieved 146% increase for Oyster Bay and 125% increase for Barossa Valley Estate since 2019.


Content Marketing

Link Outreach


Oyster Bay Wine (OBW) is one of the world’s most recognised wine brands and along with Barossa Valley Estate (BVE), makes up two of the brands in the Delegat stable. Working closely with the team at Delegat, we have been creating SEO strategies for both the OBW and BVE brands that have helped them to continue to grow their presence online, raising brand awareness and driving global sales in key markets including the US, Australia, the UK and New Zealand.

Whilst Oyster Bay is recognised as one of the world’s leading wine brands, it is important for them to continue to grow their presence online and an increasingly competitive market.

Not only do brands like Oyster Bay and Barossa Valley face competition within the wine industry, but also from other alcoholic beverages, especially the emergence of ready-to-drink (RTD) cocktails.

Working with the team at Delegat, we create SEO strategies for both brands that align with the overall business objectives of Delegat, ensuring that we continue to grow the online presence of both brands, increasing the brand awareness for Oyster Bay and Barossa Valley Estate.


Organic Traffic Growth

The challenge for wine brands like Oyster Bay is that they are often competing with retailers that are also selling their products. This creates a high competitive, brand-focused market. It is important for the brand to own the narrative when it comes to content written about the wine varietals in their range and we have worked closely with the team to create highly-optimised content that differentiates the Oyster Bay website from retailer sites.

We combine this with a range of SEO tactics, including link outreach and content marketing to maximise the reach of the brand and to raise the online presence of Oyster Bay for the keywords we are targeting.

Over the past four years, this has led to a 350% increase in the Online Market Share for the keyword set that we work on for them.

In addition, we have also helped to build the profile of the Barossa Valley Estate brand and in the past 12 months, the website has also moved to include an e-commerce element, opening up new opportunities for us to target conversion-focused keywords in addition to the informational keywords the website was already ranking for.

“Working with Paul, Gavin and the Digital Hothouse team is always a great experience. The team are excellent at suggesting and implementing improvements, providing comprehensive analysis and always keep brand strategy front and center. They are an integral part of our brand team and would recommend them highly.”

Anna Butcher
Digital Campaign Manager, Oyster Bay Wines