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Search Engine Optimisation for 10 Years+ for Postie


Digital Hothouse has been the SEO provider for Postie for over 10 years. In that time, we have helped increase their organic traffic by 871% and their organic revenue by 1,778%.


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Postie first started looking for assistance for their website in 2013. There had never been any work on SEO on the website so there was a lot to do. The website was a (very) small sibling to each store and was treated as such. Over the past 10 years, they have had new website infrastructure, new development partners and the main constant in that time has been Digital Hothouse. We have taken their website from an online market share of less than 1% to over 9% in this time.

As with most clients, we started with an SEO Audit and we worked with the Postie team and their development team to implement that audit. Over the past 10 years, we’ve updated and run multiple audits as we work with different Content Management Systems and different providers.

We’ve worked with them to implement numerous technical changes and upgrades and ensured that migration to new platforms have gone smoothly. We’ve helped manage their Google My Business platform across their large network of stores, not only helping them rank better, but ensuring that their content is up to date and relevant.


Growth in Organic Revenue

We have gradually increased the Postie market share from less than 1% in 2013 to over 9%. In this time, we have also changed the keyword set that we focus on so that we are focusing on keywords with almost double the search volume that we were looking back 10 years ago. We have meticulously focused on the details for Postie and looked at all the marginal gains possible for them within the constraints of their website platform.

The number of linking domains to the Postie website has increased by almost 1,400% so the domain is significantly stronger than it’s ever been, which has meant that the Postie website has never been closer to overtaking their main competitor, Farmers to be online market share leaders.

Not only have we got good results over the years, but we have also had a great relationship with the team at Postie and this continues to go from strength to strength.

Each year, we work closely with the team to understand their overall business objectives, aligning the goals of our own SEO strategy with the goals of the business to ensure we are all working towards the same targets. We have consistently met and exceeded the goals set out in our strategy documents.

Our relationship with the entire digital marketing team at Postie ensures we can continue to deliver the best possible outcomes through open communication, regular catch ups, and a focus on delivering results for the brand.

“We’ve had Gavin and Paul leading our SEO strategy for nearly 10 years now, and the results speak for themselves. We’ve seen absolutely huge organic growth for eCommerce in that time, they’ve supported us through website re-platforms and re-builds and helped us maximise our local search for our physical footprint across NZ as well. Even more importantly, they’re seriously great to work with; enthusiastic, incredibly knowledgeable and thorough, but really down to earth with the ability to simplify the complex!”

Emma Epp
Head of eCommerce & Marketing, Postie