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12.3% ROI from SEO


Smartwater launched their website in March 2020 and engaged Digital Hothouse to help them drive targeted traffic to the website. Within 6 months, the website led the market in NZ and for a newly launched site was still returning almost 7% ROI in year 1 and 12% in year 2.


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Smartwater produces market-leading water tank level indicator systems that offer full cloud connectivity. Whilst this is a relatively niche market domestically, the demand for systems to monitor and manage water tank levels in agriculture and other industrial settings is high and Digital Hothouse has helped to raise the online profile of Smartwater through SEO, Content Marketing, Google Ads and Paid Social. We continue to grow the brand online through both organic and paid channels, helping to establish Smartwater as the leading brand here in NZ, whilst also establishing strong positions in overseas markets including the US.

When we work with brands in smaller niches like water tank level monitoring, we have to be creative in the way we approach our optimisation work. Working with the team at Smartwater, we focused on optimising the website for long-tail keywords with high intent, helping to drive conversion-ready visitors to the Smartwater website, maximising the potential ROI from every visit.

We also created a content strategy that targeted people that were also interested to learn more about water tanks in general that may not have been aware of technology like the Smartwater monitoring system to monitor and manage the water levels in their new tanks. This opened up new opportunities as well as remarketing opportunities to continue to drive up the ROI.


ROI from SEO

We love working with brands like Smartwater. There is such a big opportunity for brands that choose to invest in SEO to grow their business in ways that their competitors are not thinking about and we took the opportunity to look at several ways to grow the online presence of Smartwater in New Zealand, but also in key overseas markets including the US, Australia and the UK.

When you are working in a niche industry where search volumes for head terms are in the low 100s or ever in double digits, it’s important to look at intent. That’s where a long tail keyword strategy comes in. By targeting longer tail keywords and phrases, we are targeting people that are further down the conversion funnel, helping them to take the final steps towards a purchase.

We also recognised that there was an opportunity to get more people in at the top of the funnel for Smartwater. Informational queries, especially relating to water tanks in general, have been on the rise here in New Zealand as well as globally. With uncertainty around water prices as well as rainfall and water supply, people are starting to take a more sustainable approach to water management, both at home and in industrial settings. Water tanks sales are on the rise and being able to monitor and manage your water levels is becoming increasingly important.

Recognising this, we created a content strategy that focused on informational keyword intent, helping to drive new visitors to the Smartwater website who may be discovering water tank level monitoring systems for the first time, helping to plant a seed that this might be something they want to invest in down the line.

Over the past year, this approach has seen the website continue to grow in terms of organic traffic and has led to an ROI of 12.3x investment over the past 12 months.

“Ivent and Smart Water have been working with Digital Hothouse for nearly three years and it has certainly had a positive impact on our business. Paul and his team have been very supportive and have felt like an extension of our own team, working hard to nurture and grow our businesses. I can unreservedly recommend working with Digital Hothouse and would be confident they will have a material impact for your online marketing, and ultimately your bottom line”

Tim Stone
Managing Director, Ivent and Smart Water