Google Adwords

Paid advertising, paid search, online advertising, PPC, CPC, SEM…whatever you want to call it, advertising on Google (other search engines are available but not as good) is an important part of any digital marketing strategy.

The thing is, although anyone can technically set up an account and manage their own Google Adwords account, chances are, you won’t do a great job. No disrespect. Truth is, there’s a lot of skill involved in getting the most out of Google advertising and when you’ve got a man who’s been on the inside like we do, then we’re not short on skills. We’re also not short on results.

We like things to happen. And if they don’t happen, we like to make them happen.

Sir Winston Churchill

Google AdWords in Auckland

It’s no coincidence that we’re talking about Google AdWords in Auckland. For one, we want people to find us when they search ‘google adwords auckland’. Secondly, however, we’re based in Auckland and deliver fantastic Adwords results for clients in Auckland and beyond.

As a Google Partner, we have the team in place to deliver great results, no matter what your budget. We create AdWords campaigns that really work and maintain our absolute focus on ROI. It’s in our DNA.

Getting Results

We could bore you with the technicalities of how we will manage your account, provide you with monthly reports and carry out detailed keyword research. We’ve been there and done that. You can check out other sites for the ‘how AdWords works’ pitch.

We prefer to let our results do the talking.

Imagine being able to report a 1,319% sales increase in traffic through Google Adwords to your boss. That’s what one of our clients got to do. The beers were definitely on him that night.

+1319 % Sales Increase from AdWords

The thing is, we don’t rest on our laurels. Sure we were pretty pleased with that result but when you manage the AdWords account for one of New Zealand’s biggest publishers, you always want more.

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Keyword Research

OK. So we lied when we said we wouldn’t talk about the ‘how’ but this is an important one. Perhaps the most important part of managing your Google AdWords account successfully is the keyword research. There’s no point in achieving great visibility for terms that no one is searching for. That’s just dumb. We look at the content on your site for the keywords that are going to work for your business and make sure it’s going to give you the best chance of converting. No point in driving heaps visits to your website if they land on a terrible page. That’s just money down the drain.

If we knew what we were doing it would not be called research, would it?

Albert Einstein

Quality Score is key

Whilst the set up of your Google AdWords account is important, so is the landing page we send all your traffic to. This is what determines your Quality Score so it’s important that the landing page delivers on the advertising. Don’t promise the earth in your ads and deliver a poor user experience when they get to your website. That’s a sure fire way to lose any potential customers that find their way to your website.

Qualified Specialists

We have a team of AdWords certified specialists working for us. Some are based here in New Zealand and others who contract for us overseas all 12 months of the year. Nothing dodgy. Just makes sense to employ people who know their stuff and can help us to keep our clients’ ad campaigns optimised 24/7. If a breaking piece of news happens at 2am New Zealand time, it’s the middle of the afternoon in the UK and one of our team can make sure we jump on to the relevant search queries early for our NZ-based clients, giving them a 7 hour head start before most of the big agencies have got to the office.

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We make your dollar go further

Getting more bang for your buck

It sounds a bit clichéd but it’s funny how true clichés often turn out. Big agencies might have the manpower but that manpower comes at a cost when it comes to managing your Google Ads Account account. We may be small, but we’re nimble and we’re awesome. That’s a great combo. We back ourselves every time to deliver better results than the ones you are currently getting. That means you have more dollars to spend on other channels. Did we mention we also do SEO?

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Why Digital Hothouse?

  • Small Agency, big on ideas
  • We invest in industry-leading tools
  • We're like an extra member of your team
  • We know our onions
  • We call a spade a spade
  • We make your dollars go further