GO Rentals

The largest independent Car Rental firm in New Zealand were not seeing ROI improvements from their incumbent SEO agency so they came to speak to Digital Hothouse. Their previous agency focused on the wrong things - to the point where traffic went up, but sales stayed static. Digital Hothouse focuses on ROI which was very appealing to GO Rentals.

The result? HUGE increases in ROI and Market Share from SEO

GO Rentals operate a fleet of over 2,500 vehicles across both the North & South Islands of New Zealand, providing a huge range of brand new and late model rental cars, people carriers, vans and four wheel drives. Thanks to almost 20 years experience, exceptional customer service and smart marketing, they remain one of New Zealand’s fastest growing car rental companies.

Their previous agency had achieved year on year growth – especially in the volume of visitors, but without a corresponding increase in sales and revenue. Despite the year on year growth, GO Rentals were seeing very little impact on improving their market share for the keywords they were targeting and were trailing some way behind their competitors.

364 % growth in organic sales in 3 years

The Results

  • From an online market share of only 4% to Market Leader in 3½ years*
  • Increase in sales incrementally year on year
  • Increase in yearly ROI by over 3 times since commencement (with constantly increasing investment in SEO)

* Online Market Share is based on keyword volumes and associated rankings with approximate clickthrough rates.

331 % growth in ROI


Digital Hothouse have worked with GO Rentals for over 3 years now and in that time, the results that we have achieved for them have been nothing short of amazing. GO Rentals are now the market leader in organic search across New Zealand and Australia for the relevant NZ terms.

The increase in Market Share has done wonders for GO Rentals’ bottom line. We started working with GO Rentals in 2013 and since then the results have been outstanding.

Because Digital Hothouse is a lean, nimble agency we actually charged less in 2013 than their incumbent in 2012, yet had a growth in both sales, visits, but more importantly, revenue. Since then GO Rentals have continued to invest more into their Search Engine Optimisation campaigns, yet the ROI that they are achieving only continues to grow.

In 2015, GO Rentals invested even further in SEO and increased their Content Marketing direction with the re-launch of their Explore New Zealand section on the website. This previously existed but had been badly conceived and badly thought out.

Digital Hothouse changed this section to include a new blog section, a research lab section which includes the infographics that we have created on behalf of GO Rentals and most importantly, the new trip planner section with over 80 trips around the country which is ever growing and bringing in traffic from new keywords and new referring websites.

Digital Hothouse are different to all other agencies I have worked with.

Alex Blanco Marketing Manager, GO Rentals

Alex continues to say:

From day one, it was immediately obvious that they see themselves as part of the GO Rentals team and this means they have a high level of buy in to both the brand and the mission of the company. I have found them to be extremely thorough in their approach and they have an outstanding understanding of all aspects of digital marketing from organic and local SEO to social media. Being able to tie all our digital marketing activity together is important to the success of the business and I have found the guys at Digital Hothouse to have the knowledge and understanding of both the latest digital marketing trends and the car rentals sector which means they continue to deliver results that are beyond expectations. Their focus on ROI ties in with our own results-driven approach and ensures we keep pushing forward as a business. We have built a very strong relationship with Digital Hothouse and as their results continue to improve, our relationship continues to grow.

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