Southern Discoveries


Our client Southern Discoveries ( is Milford Sound’s premier tourism operator as voted by the industry as Operator of the Year 2011/12. Online has always been an important channel for them, but their online sales had begun to drop away despite being managed by a well-known Auckland online agency. With our experience and expertise in focusing on sales and business outcomes, they turned to Digital Hothouse to turn things around.

This was an opportunity for us to show just how much better we are at helping our clients do more business online.


The Brief

The aim of the project was a challenging one: to increase the volume of sales while decreasing the cost-per-sale significantly! Bearing in mind that Adwords “experts” had already been managing their account and that it was trending in the wrong direction it was a tough brief, but we were confident that we could make real improvements.

The Project

The first thing we did was to get the right kind of tracking in place so that we were able to attribute exact dollar values of sales to specific keywords and ads. With this information we were able to see exactly where to decrease or increase spend, and make real inroads into reducing the cost of sale as well as increasing the total volume of sales. Then, through careful optimisation and constant testing of creative, destination URLs and keywords we kept making regular changes, always looking for, and testing, ways to drive improvement as well as implementing and optimising foreign-language ads.

Digital Hothouse didn’t just make improvements, we delivered dramatically better results:



increase in sales


decrease in cost of sale

“Digital Hothouse have certainly lifted our game in our web and booking presence, in what has become an increasingly important part of our business. Their monthly reports deliver the information we require in a format we can easily analyse.”

John Robson
General Manager, Southern Discoveries