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Vomo Island Resort


Vomo Island Resort is a luxury private island with only 28 villas and 2 private residences. This five star all-inclusive resort is one of the most exclusive resorts in Fiji and offers guests a truly unique experience. Vomo Resort prides itself on offering a very personal service where nothing is too much for any guest who stays on the island. As well as offering luxury five star accommodation, the resort also delivers world-class cuisine at the Reef Restaurant or private dining by request. Guests who stay at Vomo Resort leave feeling completely relaxed with lasting memories of their stay on the island.

Digital Design



Website Design and Development

The Brief

Vomo Island Resort’s existing website was not delivering the same experience as the resort itself so they took the decision to start from scratch with a completely new site that would meet visitors’ expectations for an exclusive five star resort. Our goal was to ensure visitors to the website left with the same feeling as visitors to the island – one of excitement and one that gave the impression that they were looking at booking something that was different from other five star accommodation. Vomo Island Resort is a place like no other and it was important for us that the website should reflect this.


  • Create a website that is better aligned with their brand direction and company culture
  • Design an easy way for users to access the key information we knew was important to them
  • Make it simple for a visitor to make a booking at Vomo Resort but without the ‘hard sell’
  • Ensure the photography was aligned with the overall design of the website
  • Provide a much better experience for users accessing the site via a mobile device
  • Improve organic SEO search results and boost overall conversion

Phase 1 - Wireframing

The first part of the project was to create a series of wireframes to show how elements of the page would work together. This would be important for our collaboration with the photography team so they could picture where their images were going to sit on the site and the type of image we needed to create a real visual impact.

Phase 2 - Style Concepts

At the same time as the web redesign, Vomo were also undertaking a re-branding exercise that Digital Hothouse were not involved with. This created some barriers as we also had to liaise with the team working on the new brand to ensure the site was designed around these new colure themes and styles. It was important for the new website to embrace these new style guidelines and again create a strong visual look for the visitor.

Phase 3 - Final Design

Once the photography and new branding had been signed off, it was then down to the Digital Hothouse team to bring all of this together and create a website that was fitting of a five star luxury resort. The site was designed and built in WordPress, allowing for flexibility and easy management by the team at Vomo and the overall design was one that really showcases the very best of the island. The inclusion of a sticky booking button which is not intrusive means that no matter where a visitor is on the site, they can always make a booking at Vomo Island Resort.

Phase 4 - Go Live

Having worked with Vomo for a short period before the website redesign, specifically focussing on their SEO, a crucial part of the ‘Go Live’ process was to ensure that the good work we had already carried out to optimise the site was carried over to the new site. The new site allowed us to break ground with some further SEO improvements which all combined to create a much better optimised site when it launched. For more information on our SEO services please visit our SEO pages.

The Results

The end result was a site that was heavily image focussed – the photography was stunning and we knew it was important to place this front and centre and let ‘a picture tell a thousand words’. Adding a sticky booking button which was always present but never intrusive also ensured that no matter where people were on the site, they always had an option to book.

"As one of Fiji's premium resorts, Vomo Island needed a website that reflected this. Following extensive research and an exhaustive planning phase, Digital Hothouse were able to deliver a website that ticked all our boxes. We love it!"

Karen Marvell
Director of Sales and Marketing, Vomo Island Resort